Snack Trek: Luna Park S’MORES (& Cheesy Things)

Fancy times s'mores.

Last night I finally used an almost-expired Groupon for Luna Park. Bea, Sara and I shared a few dishes and only had to pay $3 + tip. Nice! (Of course, the Groupon was $20… but still… cool.) (It’s also funny when the tip is bigger than the bill.) (That’s what she said?)

So I finally got to try the Luna Park s’mores, which have a kinda fondue feel to them– because the chocolate and marshmallows are already melted. The graham crackers were really thin, and probably homemade.

Under construction.

Our one gripe about the s’mores and our actual fondue appetizer was that we didn’t get enough bread/crackers, considering the sauce-to-bread ratio. I would have asked for more crackers for the s’mores, but it turned out I was really full and didn’t actually NEED to eat any more s’mores.

This is the rest of what filled us up. You may notice a cheese theme.

Fun DO.

Goat cheese fondue. Who knew that green apples dipped in goat cheese would be awesome? Probably everybody in the world except me. Ah well, I’m learning.

My one gripe is that the cheese was a bit cold. Then I realized: The Sterno was actually a tea candle. So… yeah. Very pretty, not too warm.

Followed by mac ‘n cheese, which always seems to happen when I go out with Sara.

Getting cheesier...

You can’t really see, but the pasta was SHELLS (cool) and there was also BROCCOLI, for the illusion of healthiness. You can add ham, but we didn’t. But YOU can.

And if all that wasn’t enough cheese for us– “margarita” pizza. (That’s how they spell it. I would probably say… Margherita?)

Thin crust. Yes.

After Sara dropped us off, Bea and I fell into literal food comas. Very rich meal, but also very enjoyable. I mean, if you’re going to splurge and eat fondue and pizza and mac ‘n cheese and s’mores, why not do it all at once?

And then I went to a holiday party and ate a bunch of cookies and had a few (potent) sip of authentic Swedish glogg.

My stomach is not as happy about all this as I am.

HAPPY SATURDAY! I’m getting ready to delve into Lauren’s world of crafty wonders… and then our mutual world of kabobs.

Oy, stomach. Hang in there!


One thought on “Snack Trek: Luna Park S’MORES (& Cheesy Things)

  1. Their plates are so pretty. This seems like a higher-end (and pricier and so much more LA) version of Nicole’s Cheese-ology in St. Louis. She would comment too, but she’s busy hurling snowballs and building snow forts. So much more fun than studying 😉

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