The Soothing Effects of Tea and BLEH!

Tea for one.

Today I have one of those headaches that makes me feel top-heavy when I try to walk. Like my brain is on a stalk or something. (I guess technically it IS on a stem…) Bleh.

So I went to the office kitchen to make myself a (hopefully soothing) cup of tea, and lo and behold– we had the exact Good Earth Vanilla Chai that Lauren recently blogged about. Hidden in a box of regular old tea. So I made my own Poor Man’s Latte, with hot water, honey and a French Vanilla Coffee-mate creamer.

The headache’s still here, but hey. It was a nice cup of tea.

Sometimes when I get stressed at work or in general, and have to forge on through a headache or a sad stomach or what have you, I will say (to myself or someone else, via IM), “BLEH!”

Today I said it to Mr. Tea and realized that he needed to picture the visual in my brain to understand why saying “BLEH!” makes me feel better/helps me shake off the blahs, at least for a few seconds. This is a pretty good approximation:


(If you ever saw WHALE RIDER– I’m picturing that scene at Maori training.)

Next time you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed, due to the holidays or work or family or dating or WHATEVER, think or say, “BLEH!” and think of a Maori warrior sticking his tongue out. It’s not making my headache go away, but at least I’m smiling.

Because, whatever– right? I mean, what can I do? Life’s crazy. Work can be trying. People are crazy (you and me included). Bodies ache and let us down. Sometimes all you can do is laugh it off. Just say BLEH! and give yourself a little shimmy shake. Maybe it won’t work… but maybe it will.

BLEH! helps me to acknowledge that I need to just take a breath. This too shall pass. Eventually. Hopefully. And I tend to make mountains of molehills, so this is my way of saying, “Hey! This mountain is a molehill, after all.” (In yoga there’s something called lion’s breath, where you stick your tongue out and breathe out. In theory I should love that, but it kinda makes me feel nauseated… which I also happen to feel right now. Maybe I’m getting sick…)

Speaking of… nothing– you still have time to enter my FRUIT GIVEAWAY. Not sure when it’s going to end. Maybe Sunday night? So yeah, get to it. All you have to do is comment. And if you’re too far away to get fruit, it’s a card-from-Elysse giveaway. I’ll draw you a picture or something. Or tell you a SECRET.


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