Break Out the Oil: Hanukkah is Here Again!

Yet another type of donut-- jelly/sufganiyot.

Yes, jelly donuts (AKA sufganiyot, in Hebrew) are an official Hanukkah food. The Jews are all up in jelly donuts this week!

I don’t go out of my way to purchase them, but if a jelly donut ends up in front of my face I will have a few polite bites, for the Macabees (right…). I’m more about the powdered sugar/cake-ness than the inner jelly-ness. (Of course, I have mixed feelings about donuts AND jelly… Jewish holidays make my neuroses flare up.)

Appropriately enough, tonight– the first night of Hanukkah– is Woody Allen’s 75th birthday. Oy! (Coincidentally, I’m going to see what appears to be a Woody Allen-esque movie tonight.)

Something very curious is going on in Binge-ville. Over the past few days, last year’s Hanukkah post (“Hanukkah is a Greasy Holiday“) has been getting tons of hits. I think it has something to do with the crazy deer picture?

Classic reindeer games.

By the time I got to work this morning, that post alone had more hits than the whole site usually gets in a day.

It makes me feel a little weird, because the title of that post sounds a little bit anti-Hanukkah. It makes me wonder if I’m attracting an anti-Hanukkah element? (Or… pro-deer?) So I’d like to state for the record: Hanukkah is great! Happy Hanukkah, everybody!

I’m somewhat anti-grease though. You know, like when the residue of fried foods hangs in the air. It gets in your hair! (Don’t mess with my hair!)

I WILL cut you, latkes!

When I was in elementary school I was one of… very few Jews. So my parents used to fry up HUGE batches of latkes (AKA potato pancakes) with a deep fryer (serious stuff), so that we could bring them to school and inform people that Hanukkah existed. (We’re talking deep Orange County, people. As in, some parents were paranoid that my mom’s Hanukkah presentation was part of some vast Jewish conspiracy.) (And now I can admit that it WAS! Bwahahahahahahahaha!) (It wasn’t.)

For a few energetic hours per year our kitchen was basically a latke factory. But since then the latkes have been fried in pans, or not at all. It’s 300 latkes or bust, for my parents. And also… my mom hates air-grease. (It’s genetic.)

This year my family figured out a loophole that allows us to get delicious latkes and avoid air-grease. My mom ordered our latkes from our local deli, Benjie’s. According to Mom, they are the most delicious latkes around… I remember that my sister (Nicole) always used to order them as her entree when we went to Benjie’s for dinner, and we’d all steal little bites. (They were big latkes, so we weren’t being jerks. We were… helping. Yeah, that’s it.)

I have been elected to pick up the latkes, since I’m getting my hair done on Saturday and the salon is Benjie’s-adjacent.

All I can say is: I better not get any air-grease smell in my freshly styled hair. Potatoes will roll!

Jews and non-Jews alike can celebrate over tonight’s “Top Chef All-Stars” premiere. FAAAABIOOO!!!

And if anybody has any explanation for the insane number of hits on last year’s Hanukkah blog, I’d love to know. Maybe it’s just a Hanukkah miracle…

But it’s probably that deer picture. I think it’s pretty high up on Google Images.

Latkes and APPLESAUCE!!!


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