(More) Leftovers on Parade: Turkey “Sam”-wich

Under construction.

I posted my family’s turkey barley soup leftovers, so it only feels fair to post a picture of the other leftovers I spoke of: Sam’s Thanksgiving sandwich. (You can see why my clever mother dubbed this the “Sam”-wich.)

I’m surprised that he’s managed to make the mashed potatoes and stuffing last for so many days. I’m sort of a vacuum for leftovers. We make turkey barley soup the Saturday after Thanksgiving because everything but the carcass is GONE.

Here’s the finished product…


Meanwhile, I was cooking up a batch of leftovers-to-be, featuring ground turkey. (WHAT? I cook?!) (Okay– turkey meatballs, angel hair pasta, Paul Newman’s Sockarooni sauce and microwave-in-bag cauliflower is not exactly gourmet. But it IS delicious.)

"Something in Italian!"

I can’t wait to go home and eat this again tonight… and for several subsequent nights. I’m so boring, I know. But I like what I like.

(I always add cauliflower because my friend Karen’s mom once made us a dish with ground beef, cauliflower and red sauce… probably from scratch… and the combo of those three flavors was amazing to me. So I paid it the highest compliment, by trying to imitate it.)

You’re probably thinking that it’s pretty soon to be eating turkey again… especially since many of you (Sam included) are still working on Thanksgiving turkey. But I kinda forgot that my meatballs were turkeyballs until I was cooking them… and they don’t taste like Thanksgiving turkey, so it’s all good.

“How did she forget that turkey is turkey?” you logical people ask. Growing up, my mom always used ground turkey for burgers and meatballs and I didn’t find out until I was… twelve? So ground turkey is kinda beef, in my mind. (And explains why restaurant burgers tasted so much different than Mom’s.)

Speaking of home, here’s another peek at Daisy (with her “baby,” as my dad calls it)…

Cute overload.

It’s actually a fake Tiffany’s box… I don’t know if you can see, but it says “Sniffany’s.” Diamonds are a girl dog’s best friend?

I miss her already. Too bad dogs aren’t into Skyping. (We tried to get Daisy to chat with another dog on Thanksgiving– but that didn’t spark her interest at all. Nothing to smell… sniff… Sniffany’s.)

But I digress.

Enjoy your leftovers tonight– whether they’re old, new, or in-the-making.


3 thoughts on “(More) Leftovers on Parade: Turkey “Sam”-wich

  1. Daisy’s “baby” actually says “Sniffany and Co.” on it. I think it’s funny that she growls at it and attacks it-shaking it back and forth to kill it, but when she’s done with that game, she makes peace with it. She cuddles with Sniffany, and (as you can see) makes sure that it is properly clean.

  2. next time try a cauliflower-broccoli combo for your trilogy: 75% cauli/25% broc. It tastes even better with meat loaf. It’s all the seasonings. Yum.

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