Sunday Macaron Moment

Taste the rainbow.

You may have noticed this morning that the Binge has a new, more colorful header (goodbye, mushroom pizza). This is the source picture.

On Wednesday afternoon I picked up some Paulette macarons, to surprise my sister (Nicole) who was flying in from St. Louis. She’d seen them on the blog and expressed a desire to try them. And I’m a nice sister like that.

Meanwhile, just in case I couldn’t make it to Paulette, my mom had picked up a few macarons at Orange’s Paris in a Cup tea salon.

Therefore– many many macarons! The Paris in a Cup ones MIGHT be my new favorites now. They’re a bit bigger and the frosting is creamier– I don’t know if I’d want to eat a whole one. But the bite I took of the vanilla macaron was amazing.

So there you go– your moment of macaron zen.

Now maybe I won’t talk about them for a while.



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