Leftovers on Parade: Turkey Barley Soup

Circle carrots! I approve this soup.

As mentioned earlier, here is a peek at our annual post-Thanksgiving turkey barley soup.

We make it in a huge vat.

Soup's on.

I’m not sure if that’s technically a huge vat, or just a large pot. Sorry, maybe I exaggerated.

This is probably the one time per year that I eat parsnips. I like parsnips! They’re like… white carrots. Maybe they ARE white carrots. (According to Wikipedia, I’m right!) If a carrot and a radish and a potato had a baby, it might be a parsnip.

And here’s a close-up, for the barley’s sake.

Too close.

There’s barley and there’s rice, and I don’t think you can see it in this picture but the Manischewitz soup mix contributed a few alphabet pastas.

Daisy didn’t eat any, but nonetheless she appears to have fallen into a food coma…


I think I might follow her lead.



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