Turkey Cakes & Other Solutions for Leftovers

Gobble gobble us up.

Friend/reader Brie tipped me off about this year’s turkey cake… uh, is it a craze? Or is it just an idea? Are people really making cakes out of their leftovers?

While foodies are making turkey into cake, cake-makers are making cakes into turkeys. I discovered these sweet– and slightly odd– renditions at Ralph’s yesterday.

Does it have white meat and dark meat?

I’m sorry, but Thanksgiving is not a day for cake, turkey-shaped or otherwise. It’s a day for pie– pumpkin, apple, pecan, etc.

As far as the actual-turkey turkey cake goes, I’m not opposed to eating every element of the dinner in one bite. In fact, I tend to try to pile everything on my fork at once. Somehow Thanksgiving foods taste good all mingled together.

Maybe I would get on the turkey cake bandwagon if the turkey was sliced and not ground. (I like ground turkey, but it’s not Thanksgiving-esque.) And if I didn’t already have a plan for my leftovers.

In my family we eat a 2nd-day leftovers feast (basically Thanksgiving part two), and tomorrow we will boil the turkey’s carcass, add parsnips, barley, carrots, Manischewitz soup mix, and… some other stuff… and make a delicious hearty turkey barley soup.

Mr. Tea told me of his classic leftovers sandwich, piled high on marbled pumpernickel bread– and we’re talking all the leftovers at once, from potatoes to pie. The finishing touch is a quick press in a George Foreman grill. (Sorry if that was a government secret, Mr. Tea.)

How do you utilize your leftovers?


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