I’m Thankful For…

I'm thankful for Google images, for one.

Everybody with a blog is doing a post about thankfulness this week, and I will NOT be left out!

There are a million zillion things to be thankful for in the world, but I’m going to be a real blogger about this and pick one…


I’m thankful for everyone who reads the Binge. Special shout-out to all the people who I’ve never met before, who have no filial obligation to be nice to me. However you found me, I’m glad you’re here.

And the biggest thanks to everybody who trekked with me. When I look back at the pictures, each one makes me think of a funny memory or story. And that’s what Thanksgiving (& life) is all about, right? Fun, friends, family and food.

Who else but a trek-mate could make Brussels sprouts so exciting?

Jazz hands!

Why do Brussels sprouts looks like… alien ribs? No wonder they taste so weird.

And I can’t forget about my biggest frenemy: Daisy. She loves me one second, growls at me the next. But she’s so pretty, I don’t mind. And I’m thankful to have her around, even though she can be a little bit depressing in photos.

The Puppa!

(She didn’t get any.)

Thanks to my friends and readers, old and new! This has been a great year. And to think a year ago, I thought the Binge was practically dead. Just goes to show, you can’t predict the future. (Or at least I can’t. And I like that about life.)

And in case you’re wondering– yes, this is my favorite holiday. I mean, it’s a holiday based around a big delicious meal! Today and Passover are way up there.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving, for giving me a chance to stop and smell the roses of gratitude. 🙂

Is it time to dig into the leftovers yet?



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