Snack Trek: Ice Cream Cupcakes! (Frosted Cupcakery)

Aesthetically pleasing.

Today my family summoned me to lunch in Long Beach, on the cute 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. When I arrived at Open Sesame they served me with my traffic school papers. There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

But seriously now, why are there so many traffic schools called “Pizza 4U”? Are they serious? Is there pizza involved? I’ll bite! (Pun intended.)

Unfortunately it appears that all the comedy and improv and pizza and fabulous gay traffic schools occur during business hours on weekdays. Which happens to be when I… work. So I guess you only get delightful traffic school options if you are unemployed or don’t have a normal day job. Poopers. Looks like internet traffic school for me… hopefully. Or just Screwedsville.

[Just kidding, I realized that the M-F thing is when the COURTS are open. I can do comedy pizza school if I want. Let’s stop the letter-writing campaign. But I think I’m going to do an internet comedy class… and I can incorporate pizza IF I SO CHOOSE.]

Anyway, I wasn’t about to go all the way to Belmont Shore and NOT drag my family to Frosted Cupcakery for dessert. (There are two locations– the other is very close to my LA life-things, but I haven’t visited yet.) I recently heard about their ice-cream filled cupcakes, and that is EXACTLY the kind of thing my family likes.

The design of Frosted is so fun. I couldn’t take a proper picture of the huge colorful cupcake mural-thing on the wall, but it was very… energetic. The store is a very inviting space. Accordingly, it was packed with people for the majority of the time we were there.

They only have the regular cupcakes on display, because the ice cream ones are in the freezer. Makes sense. Don’t be afraid to ask when you go, because the ice cream ones ARE back there!

The normals... still lookin' mighty tasty.

We started out with a “royal white” cupcake filled with pumpkin (pie) ice cream, and a regular old red velvet. (The red velvet came out too blurry to feature, but you can see it here. Yes, that’s an acorn-shaped chocolate on top.)

Moment of ice creamy truth!

The stuff dreams are made of.

The red velvet (and the pumpkin in the next round) was extremely moist. (I know… we all hate that word.) Like, moreso than Sprinkles. Watch out, Sprinkles! The cake part of the ice cream cupcake was still fairly frozen, but was nonetheless had a great flavor. We didn’t really give it time to thaw. We just hacked away at the frozen-ness and devoured it.

After we finished those, we decided to go for two MORE cupcakes. This time we went with chocolate filled with mint chip ice cream, and a pumpkin cupcake.

Another round, Barkeep!

I ate the pumpkin chocolate that was on the pumpkin cupcake. I couldn’t tell if it was strictly white chocolate, or if it maybe had a little bit of spice in it. Feel free to enlighten me if you know.

It's what's inside that counts.

As you can see, the ice cream cupcakes are about twice the size of the regulars. They appear to be baked in some sort of special hollow mold, and then the ice cream is inserted and the frosting covers up the hole. Nice work. (You can also see that the non-frozen cupcakes aren’t overwhelmed by a mountain of frosting… that’s a pro in my book.)

Every once in a while I’m struck with horror at the thought that if Flickr fails or somehow these photos all get unlinked/the links go dead, this blog will be totally boring/ruined. That’s what keeps me up at night, kids. That, and the knowledge that a solar flare could just reach out and incinerate our planet AT ANY MOMENT. Like, super casual. Oh oops, did I just wipe out a whole planet?

Why does that worry me more than the much more likely possibility that the Big One (the earthquake) will inevitably (supposedly) strike within the next few years? I really need to buy some emergency bottled water.

Way to bring down a frivolous cupcake post, right? I’m good at this game. The worry game.

But until we all die at the hands of fickle, mindless nature– ice cream in cupcakes exists! Wahoo.

(I hope the aliens are taking notes on this stuff, in case our civilization is wiped out. The universe should not be deprived of these treats, just because Earth is gone.) (Let’s be real– they’re probably not eating a grain-based diet.)


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3 thoughts on “Snack Trek: Ice Cream Cupcakes! (Frosted Cupcakery)

  1. seriously delicious cupcakes. we didn’t even pretend to wait until they defrosted a smidge. my favorite was probably the pumpkin one, although the others were close runners up.

  2. That looks REALLY good. I want the mint chocolate chip one.

    Also, I did traffic school a few years ago online here:
    It was cheap ($15), and it was actually kind of fun, which is hard to believe, but it’s games and cartoons and stuff. I felt like I actually learned a lot. It’s annoying because it’s timed, so you have to stay on a page for a certain amount of time, but they are all that way. You can break it up and do it in your free time. They also give you a study sheet to print out before you take the final test – and the answers to everything on the final test are on the sheet, so you can reference it. You can also retake the test if you need to, but you won’t need to.

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