Autumn Cookie Look-y (Alcove) & Rainy Day Soup (Art’s Deli)


Yesterday post-improv graduation show (on to level 3… if I pass), post-lunch at Art’s Deli, I went with my parents to the Alcove in Los Feliz. Last time we went there, we saw adorable sea creature cookies. I think that was in August.

As you can see, the cookies appear to be seasonal, because yesterday they had a SCARECROW cookie. You may recall that I have a sentimental attachment to scarecrows.

I was particularly impressed by the frosting work, especially on the turkey. The feather colors seem to be infused seamlessly into the brown frosting, like the milk in latte art.

But we didn’t eat cookies. We ate pumpkin pie.

Major crust action.

We also had apple pie, but I didn’t take a picture. They didn’t have any ice cream for a la mode. What’s the point?!

For those of you who are over desserts, here is a picture of my soup from Art’s.

Circle carrots!

It was my second time in as many days eating circle-carrot chicken soup. And both times NOT from a can. I’m a very lucky girl! (And it’s perfect on rainy days– which we’ve been having, again.)

Chicken soup with rice always makes me think of that children’s book that goes, “I told you once, I told you twice, I told you– chicken soup with rice.” Anybody else remember that?

I also had a sandwich with corned beef, brisket (Mom and I traded some of our meats), coleslaw, and yellow & deli mustard, on rye. AND a pickle. Did I die and go to Jew-food heaven, or what?

Okay, I need to finish this post so I can do the next one. I think it will excite the cupcake lovers in the crowd.


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