Second Helping: Hollywood Farmers’ Market

Hydrangeas MIGHT be my favorite flower.

On Sunday mornings I generally go to a weightlifting class. It happens to be about 200 feet from the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. Apparently weightlifting is supposed to be followed by cardio. I can’t think of any better cardio than walking around the market and eating free fruit samples. Healthy snack, vigorous walking (away from booths after I shamelessly steal their samples with no plan to buy).

I ALWAYS see things I want to share with you. Here are those things, from the Sunday before last.

First– our new/old friend, daikon. Delicious ingredient in Vietnamese foods, notably banh mi. I don’t think I’d ever seen it before in person… until now!

Daikon in its natural state.

That wasn’t my only new vegetable sighting. For years I’ve heard great things about spaghetti squash, but I’ve never actually seen it at any store. I read that you have to boil it for several hours… something like that. Not sure I have any pots that could hold these suckers. They’re big ‘uns.

Spaghetti friends.

Apparently it’s a really healthy taste-alike alternative to spaghetti. Not that spaghetti is the worst thing. But someday I’d like to try spaghetti squash, because I like (almost all) vegetables. And because it intrigues me in general. It’s playing hard-to-get with me.

I could tell from the handwriting that the squash was at the stand that sold honeyloupes, but sadly they didn’t have any on display. I might have actually bought one, to split with a certain tea-drinking individual.

One cool thing about a farmers’ market is that you can really sense the change of seasons. The selection of fruits had changed since my last visit, and it looks as though it’s about to change again…

Don't go, Peaches!

The sign makes me think of Peaches as a person. Like, Peaches is moving away! Actually, I overheard the woman saying that they won’t be coming back to the farmers’ market until spring. So Peaches could be one of the salespeople. But I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the fruit.

But I’m sure peaches will still be at your local big chain grocery store. For a PRICE! Bwahaha.

Last but not least, persimmons were EVERYWHERE. I had no idea they were… I don’t know, such an autumn fruit?

Fu YU, persimmons!

Yes, I am amused that these are called Fuyu persimmons. It sounds like a curse word! Tee hee hee. I liked the giant ones better, because they were juicier. I tried my first persimmon sitting on the beach at the Dead Sea in Israel. Maybe I’m a little biased by the awesomeness of that experience, but I think the Israeli persimmons were more delicious? But as I said re: the Jewish camp apple butter, maybe my brain is addled by nostalgia.

Or maybe I’m biased toward Jew-related things. (Just kidding. I’m not even a big fan of kugel.) (And don’t get me started on kasha varnishkes.) (BIRD SEED PASTA!) (Okay, I got me started on that.)

All right, I’m simmering down. I can’t disrespect my peoples THIS CLOSE to Hanukkah. (It’s really early this year. Like, week-after-next early.)

OH– HOW could I forget this? Probably the most exciting part of the experience was seeing Busy Philipps (yes, it’s spelled that way– I checked) of “Cougar Town,” just chilling out near the balloon animal guy like any other mom. I heart her. (And I took no pictures because that would just be creepy.) (But I did walk past her a few times, to make sure it was her. Haha.) (I have bad eyes… I usually recognize people based on their voices.)

Hope you enjoyed that. Until I market again…


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