Taking the Plunge: I Ate Truck-Sushi For Lunch Today… and Lived to Tell the Tale (Fishlips)

It came from the truck...

Today the Fishlips Sushi truck graced our parking lot. Coworker Bryan and I were intrigued but fearful– raw fish from a truck?! But based on mostly favorable Yelp reviews, the reasonable prices, and the intrigue of temari sushi, we decided to go for it.

What’s temari sushi, you ask? Sushi balls! The truck explains it all…

The more you know! (Shooting star.)

I guess I’m not the only girl who is aesthetically attracted to the temari. (In a food way.) (Get your minds out of the gutter.)

A few other sights at the truck delighted me. First– the sign for sukiyaki said, “Sushi is too healthy for you??” Way to sell the sukiyaki– bill it as greasy/unhealthy. (Side note: The sukiyaki smelled/looked amazing.) Second– the coffee-in-a-can drink. (Rhode Island is maybe not the only place obsessed with coffee milk.) I captured both in this photo. Click on it for a better look.

Can you HANDLE the healthiness?

Incidentally, I ordered the small spicy set, which is also in that picture. Happy accident. It consisted of 4 pieces of spicy tuna roll and 5 pieces of temari, with an assortment of fish. (I couldn’t identify all of them, but they were all delicious.) The spicy tuna pieces were almost too big to be lifted by chopsticks. This definitely filled me up, but when it comes to sushi I have a fairly low threshold for fullness.

Happy Girls' Day to me!

As Bryan observed, the fish didn’t have an old-fish fishy taste at all. It was very fresh and melt-in-your-mouth. I especially liked the salmon (I generally love salmon, but I’ve had not-so-good sushi salmon… this was– oh-so-good), what I believe is tuna tataki (the one with the green stuff on it), and the cooked one in the front.

We jibed one of our non-believer coworkers for ordering delivery from a sushi restaurant, while our truck food was delightful. Our guess is that they drive to a market and pick up the fish day-of.

My ONE gripe is that I usually like a little more avocado in my sushi. It was a mere sliver! We had Baked lays in the office, and I was hoping to do this (admittedly weird but strangely amazing) thing that I started doing at the commons in college, where I put a little bit of avocado and soy sauce on Baked Lays, as a sort of side dish. Unfortunately there was not enough avocado to pilfer any away from the sushi.

But… that’s my personal crazy. And this was probably better than the sushi at commons, so… it’s all good.

Some food gambles don’t pay off. But this one did! All for the low (for sushi) price of $7.

Will I ALWAYS eat sushi from a truck? No. But would I eat Fishlips Sushi from a truck again? Emphatic yes.

Hugs and fish-kisses!


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