Weekend Cupcake Moment (Joan’s on Third)

Bringin' back the beehive.

Yesterday Bea and I were buzzing about the Third Street area (see what I did there?). We popped into Joan’s on Third (which always makes me think of Lauren), I took a picture of these cupcakes, and we left.

I guess I wasn’t in the mood to buy cupcakes at the time (huh?), but now that I look back… pumpkin cupcake with magical-looking sugar on top? WHERE was my brain?

I was going to post last weekend’s Farmers’ Market pics, but I need to go get ready for my big secret(ish) snack trek. Just go to a Farmers’ Market. Right now. Go. You can’t rely on me for everything. As my documentary teacher (Amanda Pope!) always said to us, “You have to get out of the car.” AKA go participate!

Happy Sunday!


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