Snack Trek: SCOOPS Ice Cream

Scoops at Scoops. (Lazy captioning.)

Recently I went to Scoops, a hip(ster) ice cream shop near LA City College (aka near my apartment– it’s maybe the only interesting destination within walking distance). I’m not sure if it’s more of a gelato/sorbet place than an ice cream shop, because many of the flavors are vegan and… funky (like, unusual flavors for ice cream– a lot of marsala and balsamic and… some other third thing).

The thing about Scoops is that you have to sample as many flavors as you can. Also, they run out of flavors as the day winds down. Their signature is a flavor called Brown Bread. I like Brown Bread, except that it has Grape Nuts in it and they’re a little bit… hard. On ze teeth. (Said like a true faux old person.)

I asked the guy at the counter if it was annoying to give me… probably 6 or 8 samples. He said, “No, it’s cool… as long as you buy something.” That’s kind of a problem, because sometimes when you get there late, it’s only the weird flavors that can’t really hold up for a full scoop. I’ve definitely thrown out my purchase halfway through, because it was like… “Wow, this salty dulche de leche is living up to its name in the grossest way possible.”

That’s why I’ve only been to Scoops a few times, despite its proximity to my abode.

But this time it was all good. Mucho de flavors.

I was met with a quandary because they had a pumpkin flavor, but it was Pumpkin Eggnog, and I like pumpkin but do not like eggnog. The flavor was okay, but I didn’t know if I wanted a whole scoop of it.

Pumpkin! Eggnog? I'm conflicted.

The other thing about Scoops is that one “scoop” (less than $3) is actually 2 biggish scoops. (I love seeing people finally choose one flavor, only to find out that they get TWO flavors.) I ended up getting chocolate pomegranate (the last scoop!) and some sort of vegan flavor that had Oreos and was basically vegan cookies and cream. (My stomach was being weird, so I didn’t want a dairy overload.)

The best part– and pretty much the only thing that motivated me to finally post this– was that I looked up and noticed the Calder-esque mobile of gelato-style spoons. (Another reason why I suspect that this ice cream might technically be gelato.)

Here it is, my moment of Zen:

Me gusta.

I know my mom will like that, because we like Calder. We like art in general.

Oh yeah, speaking of that– Scoops is also a gallery. (And that site confirms that it’s gelato, vegan ice cream, and sorbet.)

It’s a good place to go on a date, if you want to show your date how fearless you are by asking for a bunch of samples and ordering something crazy. Just don’t be an asshole to the sample-giver. Being mean to waiters is a red flag, gentlemen. (So take your date to Souplantation until you’ve sucked her into your web… because no waiters!)

If you really go there on a date I hope I witness it. I love to ogle obvious first dates. (Especially online ones… it’s easy to tell because they’re like, “You don’t look like your picture.”) You should ogle people, too. It’s fun.

Okay, I think that’s enough advice for one post.


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One thought on “Snack Trek: SCOOPS Ice Cream

  1. Good i wasn’t there with you. I would have been arrested for ripping the green spoons down (not to keep for my collection, just to make it more calderesque)

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