Parting is Such Sweet… Cookies? (Souplantation)

Now scram!

Last night Crystal, Cole, Sam and I went to Souplantation. We met up around 8:30pm and Souplantation closes at 9pm, so we were rushing to stuff our gullets before the food went bye bye. (I got heartburn for the first time… it felt like I was dying!)

One problem at our Souplantation location (ha) is that the plates don’t get cleared away in a particularly efficient manner. So we had to do some creative stacking to get all the yums on the table.

We spent most of the meal talking about “Top Chef.” One track minds. Very Binge-appropriate meal.

This is for Crystal:

I don't know, either.

Souplantation has a very efficient pre-closing warning system (more efficient than their plate collection system). A woman came around and said, “The food will only be out for another 15 minutes.” Later, another woman came around and said, “We’re closing in 10 minutes, but you can take anything you want with you.”

I got really excited. ANYTHING? Big Tupperware containers full of soup? A whole basket of biscuits? SILVERWARE?! (My parents are retired cutlery bandits… when I was a kid I wondered why we had so many mismatched forks and spoons… and various little bowls with Chinese writing on them.) (Soy sauce recepticles.)

Yep, they’re the Bonnie and Clyde of… Chinese restaurants. Wanted in several… towns? (I’ll feel bad if this tips off the FBI and my parents are finally locked away…)

The last lady came around and gave us each a bag a cookies, which are usually on sale at the register. I’ve mentioned before that Souplantation cookies are actually quite delicious.

So the cookies were a parting gift. (And also… about to expire. Haha.) But they were also our message that we had to GET OUT. Beat it, kids. Scram!

Sometimes food can be very symbolic.

I’m bringing the cookies to work today. Bracing now for the uproar. (Tee hee hee, I’m like an evil Keebler elf…) (ELFICIDE: Coming to theaters in Fall 2011.)

Also– yesterday morning I joined Souplantation’s online community, in hopes of getting some coupons. But no coupons came. When I woke up this morning, guess what I found in my inbox? Yep, the coupons had arrived… at 4am.

Next time. And there WILL be a next time. (Seriously. It’s already on my calendar… and it’s embarrassingly soon.) (As if I’m capable of getting embarrassed anymore…) (Padma knows what I’m talking about!)

Stay hungry, my pretties!


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2 thoughts on “Parting is Such Sweet… Cookies? (Souplantation)

  1. YESSSSS!!! This post is for me. Take THAT Mr. Tea! 😀

    …oh and Padma is a whore. That is all. Did I also mention that she’s not even a real foodie, she was a vegetarian until she got the Top Chef gig? So basically she is totally unqualified for her job and has no qualms about selling out her beliefs and morals. Now for real that is all!

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