Foods in Disguise: Desserts that Look Like Other Things

Is it time for cake yet?

Totally random, but doesn’t that piece of cake look like a clock? Very appropriate for Daylight Savings Time.

It was a very swirly cake, with frosting swirls on the outside and a swirl of cake on the inside. But somehow by the middle of the cake, the swirl began to look like it was keeping time. (From Baskin Robbins… aren’t they all, around here?) (No complaints.)

Yesterday evening when I delivered the earl grey macaron to Mr. Tea, I partook of one more: the Colombian coffee macaron. (I also tried the tea one, and it was good.) (Not a shock.)

Up close in personal, I thought the Colombian coffee macaron looked more like a burger than a sweet. You be the judge.

If I'm using two hands... who's driving the camera?!

I kinda wish it was a tiny burger for dinner… lately I tend to be over my sugar limits and under my protein quota. (That’s what she said?)

But I’m not going to look a gift-box macaron in the mouth. (And go here to see tiny cheeseburgers… made of marzipan.) (These duplicitous desserts!)

Okay, longer letter letter. Keep in touch. Have a great summer. Don’t ever change.


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2 thoughts on “Foods in Disguise: Desserts that Look Like Other Things

    1. I think I’d be on board if the turkey was sliced and not ground. Because I will admit that I like to put a bit of each food on my fork all at once and mingle the flavors. Minus the marshmallows.

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