Snack Trek: PAULETTE MACARONS (Little Tokyo Location)

Love the reflection. Happy accident. (As is my shoe... glass tables are tricky.)

Originally I had planned to go on a much more epic snack trek today, but due to unforeseen circumstances that trek was pushed to next weekend. Instead I went on several small snack treks about town, which turned out to be very fruitful and delicious (she said with a mouthful of sweet wedding almond macaron).

This is obviously the trek to the Little Tokyo location of Paulette, the macaron shop.

Until recently, I was under the impression that the only Paulette in Los Angeles was in Beverly Hills. Then a fateful few days ago I tweeted that I was in the mood for a macaron, and tweet-buddy Heather informed me that a new location recently opened in Little Tokyo, in Downtown LA. Ten minutes from my apartment (give or take… I mean, it’s LA).

So I grabbed macaron-loving Sara and a-macaron-ing we did go!

The Little Tokyo neighborhood is generally pretty cute and user-friendly, but in the one block that we walked from lunch to the Little Tokyo Galleria, we definitely had an unpleasant, penis-adjacent experience. Crazy people lurk everywhere! (And Sara seems to be a beacon for this kind of weirdness.)

That’s the price you sometimes have to pay, for macarons. I guess. (And also actual money.)

But we walked past the creeper unscathed, and dove into the safety of the Galleria. Almost immediately we located our quarry.


I read on the website that the seasonal flavors are rose, pineapple and coconut, and passion fruit, but I had my fingers crossed for some sort of pumpkin or spice flavor (like chai, maybe).

And I got my wish!


Sara and I each got a pumpkin, and Sara also got a Colombian coffee. I think that’s what I once had when someone brought a gift box to my old office, and it was delightful.

Shortly before we arrived at Paulette, I found out that I’d be attending a small gathering tonight (it’s actually a “Walking Dead” viewing party, but zombies FREAK MY SHIT OUT so I’ll probably leave before the show actually starts), which gave me an excuse to buy several macarons and put them in a gift box.

I already ate the ones at each end. Working my way in?

Whether or not any of the macarons make it to the party depends entirely on my willpower… I guess I should stuff some tissue paper in the gift box so it doesn’t look incredibly barren?

Here’s another angle of some of the prettier ones.

Up close and personal.

The one in front is the Colombian coffee. The pink one is sweet wedding almond, and the green one is earl grey tea– but the decoration makes it look like it might be grass flavored. The orange is pumpkin (duh), and it looks tiger-ish. YUM, tiger! I’m sure it’s a delicacy somewhere.

The only one I haven’t accounted for is the Madagascar vanilla. Hm, I bet you could find a tiger in Madagascar (the animated movie, at least)!

The earl grey is reserved for a certain genteel man I know who very much enjoys the tea drinking. Mr. Tea, I might call him. (I pity the FOO’!) I’m wondering if the tea flavor is going to be bitter or sweet (I have very mixed feelings about tea… it’s a very broad category). I might steal a nibble from Mr. Tea. If he’s okay with that. FOR RESEARCH. That’s all.

I didn’t get any chocolate macarons, because when I asked the girls behind the counter whether they’d pick sweet wedding almond or Caribbean chocolate, they seemed in favor of the former.

For my last photo– my sister asked how big the macarons are. Here’s the only picture I have with my small hand + macaron. You can see that these are not too big. Not nearly as big as a cupcake– or as filling. Which I like. I’m all about light desserts.


Oh yes, hmm… I didn’t much talk about flavor. Light. Melt in your mouth. Soft but not mushy. I mean… just go buy one at a very nice shop. Do it. These were $1.60 each. They’re also gluten free and kosher. Really. (Apparently.)

And if you’re in the restaurant area (at, say– Spitz) and decide to walk over, TAKE MY ADVICE at walk down Central, NOT Alameda. Your eyes will thank me. (We saw another pants-flaunting individual driving out of Downtown, but that was from the safety of our car.)

SO… that was the famous Paulette! I’ll be back. And at some point I’ll try to visit the Beverly Hills location and try some other flavors. Wondering what they might have around Christmastime… mint something or other?

Other posts in the pipeline… Scoops and another visit to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market! Among other things.

Stay Jewish! (Read this for context.)



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