Pizzazz by the Slice: GRANDMA STYLE (Slice Truck)

This is not grandma style. Wait for it.

Do you like my new title for posts about pizza? JAZZ HANDS!

Recently I discovered a website called Slice (America’s Favorite Pizza Weblog!), and was particularly intrigued by a listing of the many many regional varieties of pizza in America. There are sooo many types of pizza that I haven’t tried! And even though I kinda know what I like (New York & Neapolitan), my new mission (among many) is to learn more about pizza.

Mission impossible? Or mission VERY possible?

So when the Slice Truck came to our offices yesterday offering special grandma style slices, I was very impressed with myself for even KNOWING that I was dealing with a regional style. And I ordered a piece of the granny (ew?), because… well, really because I needed something to blog about. But also to LEARN. (And to EAT.)

There you have it.

I really liked the use of Roma tomatoes vs. sauce (I also love sauce). They were sweet and meaty, and I wish there were more of them (I think that’s why I love sauce… it douses the slice). (I guess ideally I’d enjoy sauce filled with big chunks of tomato?)

As for the bread– this was foccacia-esque, and I’m really more of a thin crust gal (partly because thin crust doesn’t cause me to think, Oh God I’m eating a huuuge piece of bready bread). But like I said, I’m in this for the experience.

I’m going to try St. Louis style when I visit my sister, even though it apparently has crackers for crust and is covered in some sort of pseudo-cheese called Provel. Already I cringe. But hey– it’ll be an experience!

I wanted to make more jokes about grandmas, but… I got nothing. My grandmas are dead! Leave me alone. (My grandma liked Pizza Hut. That was her style.)

Ciao bellas!


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