Tricks and Treats: It’s Almost Halloween (Duh)

Spooky yogurt from Souplantation. It kinda has a face.

Hey hey hey.

It’s almost Halloween, so the snacks have been pretty spooky around these parts.

In college I once had this Danish TA who used the word “spooky” when he probably meant to say “weird” or “interesting.” So he would often follow statements of fairly normal facts with, “Isn’t that SPOOKY?” In his Danish accent. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

When I hear the word “spooky,” I inevitably think of the Beanie Baby.

Yes, that IS Spooky.

This is generally the time of year where I decide to write a novel or a screenplay or whatever (right now it’s just short stories, but the NaNoWriMo emails are guilting me…), so I’m going to try to keep my entries short and sweet. But here are some Halloween-y foods, which are directly at odds with me looking good in my sexy costume.

Oh yeah– my mom sent me a Halloween care package at work. Thanks, Mom!

Thanks, Ma!

I thought those Pumpkin Kisses were going to be pumpkin-flavored Hershey’s kisses, because… they were called Pumpkin Kisses. But actually, they are “candy corn” flavored…

A kiss in candy corn's clothing.

When I first tasted them I thought they were actually made of candy cane wax-ness, but I actually think they’re white chocolate… waxy white chocolate, maybe?

These donuts were in the lobby this morning. People were afraid to eat them, because they look like instant death.

Death by delicious-ness.

I didn’t partake, but Lauren and I located an apple cider donut place in Oak Glen! I’ll hopefully be trying them next weekend. And I might be eating some bona fide East Coast cider donuts in December… I’ll keep you posted.

Last but not least, this isn’t EXACTLY Halloweeny, but it looks a little bit Dia de los Muertos-y. This is a slice of an office birthday cake (Baskin Robbins, of course). I cut it, and there was a strange kind of crispy-ness to the top layer. Maybe from the chocolate. The swirly chocolate sorta looks like a Mexican shawl (or it did, on the cake as a whole).


Co-worker Daphne spent all night making a graveyard cake from scratch and it is quite detailed and amazing. I will hopefully snap a picture of that later, before we devour it. (It’s currently under a plastic shield, which I dare not lift.)

Hope you’re enjoying some Halloween delicious-ness in your home/office/school/all of the above.


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3 thoughts on “Tricks and Treats: It’s Almost Halloween (Duh)

  1. I was wondering if they would be candy corn flavor or just plain milk chocolate. It turns out neither, and once again you are the Practice Hamster. For the uninitiated, that means Guinea Pig.

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