Sometimes Food can be Overwhelming

The Scotty dog gummies put these cupcakes over the edge.

Happy Friday. I didn’t post yesterday, but I was in a limited internet situation. I’m not sorry.

I was also in a limited bathroom situation (no, I was not in prison), so I had to go to the Brite Spot diner in Echo Park. To pee.

Side note: The Brite Spot is really cute, and I would like to legit eat there soon.

During my quick jaunt I checked out the baked goods (and bought one for my boss, as my entree to the bathroom… not because I actually had to, but out of guilt). I was going to buy a cupcake for myself, too, but I was overwhelmed by the frosting/decorations. And I hadn’t eaten lunch. That much sugar on an empty stomach was potentially fatal.

But the cupcakes were quite a site to look at, and I was thinking of you!

Don't eat my mummy!

The red velvet mummies had less frosting, but they cost more just because they were Halloween-themed. I flaunted them on principle. Or maybe I’m finally accepting my red velvet identity crisis situation, and just not feeling obligated to love red velvet unconditionally.

I still love pumpkin, but the whoopie pies were also overwhelming. (For some reason I equate them with an instant coronary.) (A reason involving the ingredients.)

Also ALSO also overwhelming: My pumpkin bagel this morning. Yes, that’s pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese. And also regular cream cheese, and (invisible) butter (because I toasted it).

"Ugh" face?

I couldn’t finish the bagel. And I think I made that face while I was attempting to eat a breakfast-worthy amount. (I’m having breakfast again for dinner, so hopefully I can redeem myself.)

(Speaking of pumpkin– there’s pumpkin yogurt at Pinkberry right now!)

I was still full from the bagel during lunch, which was unfortunate because it was LudoTruck. Ludo is famous for having a pop-up restaurant that floats around Los Angeles (LudoBites). Unfortunately the truck is mostly fried chicken, and I’m not a big fried chicken person, and I was full.

But I took a picture of Bryan’s lunch, for you Ludo-foodies– if you’re out there.

I tried a fry.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a breakfast-for-dinner to attend. I’m trying to get hungrier. (Words I never thought I’d say.)

Happy weekend!


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