Snack of the Afternoon, 10/19/10: MANGO & PINEAPPLE

Smells like Hawaiian spirit.

I was totally delighted when I spied sliced mango and pineapple in the fridge. They smell like Hawaii, and I keep dreaming that I’m in Hawaii. (Usually in the dreams something anxious or crazy is happening, but that’s not Hawaii’s fault.) (Why won’t my subconscious just shut up and let me enjoy Hawaii?)

You can’t take an imaginary snack-trip to Hawaii without making a joke about getting lei’d.

You got lei'd!

In comparison, the weather in LA is rainy and dreary. This morning the sun was out, but when I stepped outside my apartment I found that the rain had upgraded from the previous days’ drizzle to Big Fat Drops. But where there’s sun and rain, there’s a rainbow!

Birds fly over the rainbow...

That was today at about 8:15am. I tried to enhance the rainbow, but instead I accidentally obliterated it and made a much artsier pic.

But yeah, Hawaii in my mind. And I love pineapple and mango.

And I couldn’t find any Kit Kat bars.


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