In Which Autumn-y Things Grace Our Office Kitchen

Calories, October-style.

On Monday when I walked into the office kitchen, I saw that several autumn staples had found their way onto our counters.

And everything made me think of Lauren!

First of all, Lauren tends to love holiday-related candies, especially candy corn and Sweethearts. I find this amusing, because those are perhaps the two most maligned candies. The former is often said to be made of wax; the latter, of chalk. But that makes sense for Lauren, because she’s so crafty. I could see why she’d enjoy readily re-purpose-able treats. Eat one, craft one.

Not edible, but very crafty/cute.

I used We Heart It to find that image. As told by Lauren’s blog.

The second kitchen-picture is even MORE Lauren-appropriate: Apple cider from Oak Glen!

How do you like them apples?

Lauren lives really close to Oak Glen, and last November we went there together. (It was too late in the year to pick apples, but not too late in the year to eat apple pie and watch a guy peel an apple with a crazy old-timey device!)

Growing up, I was not a fan of cider because it would always be hot and super spicy (in the cinnamon/nutmeg sense). (I’m more okay with it now, depending on the cider.) Now I know that hot cider is actually MULLED cider. (And most adults drink it spiked.) (Because adults are smart.) But this jug contained cider in the apple juice sense. It was delicious, with some little twist… maybe the apple-acid?

And in case you’re wondering, those are just regular donuts. Not apple cider. That would be TOO CRAZY. That would be like, hey universe, you are listening TOO carefully. (And I’d rather experience apple cider donuts in their natural habitat… and work harder to find them. I’ll appreciate them more if the quest is prolonged.)

Well, here’s to Lauren, and apples, and fall-ish things. And hoping I see them all soon– in person!


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One thought on “In Which Autumn-y Things Grace Our Office Kitchen

  1. I LOVE this post! Oak Glening should commence soon. And we should find the apple cider donuts because I’m dying to try them…hopefully they are life altering!!

    I think the u-pick apple season is going on now so we should head out there one weekend. Also they have pumpkins and I love pumpkins and want some. I finally had to throw away Pat’s pumpkin from last year so I need a new one.

    I need to buy some candy corn…thank you for reminding me, although I sort of want to make that recipe you shared!

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