Snack Trek: CHICK-FIL-A @ USC

Yes, that water is the color blue.

I know I should be talking about “Mad Men,” but my mind is still BLOWN. I think Faye dodged a bullet, because obviously Don is a little bit unhinged. Maybe a lot bit unhinged. (And he’s always ditching out on the awesome Jewish ladies. We are a strong and unruly bunch. Handle with care!)

Back to food. Over the weekend, Bea (aka my Tall Texan Twin) and I ventured to the USC-area Chick-fil-A (why do they make writing that so difficult?). I’ve never tried it before (even though there has been one in my hometown for years), and people have been going crazy over a Chick-fil-A in LA, so I wanted to see what all the hype’s about.

A football game was just ending as we arrived, and we witnessed the mass exodus of USC-clad fans. I was very incognito in my dear old USC sweatshirt, which post-college is only worn around the apartment, at USC, or on trips to very cold places. (Remember how college was all about sweatshirts? All the time? Enjoy it while you can, kids.)

Bea told me that it was not a cop-out to try the grilled chicken vs. the breaded chicken, so we both ordered the #7 meal. Honestly, the Chik-fil-A waffle-cut fries are not quite as delicious as the Carl’s Jr. CrissCut fries, but maybe I’m just being nostalgic for my childhood visits to Carl’s Jr. Also, the CrissCut fries are seasoned, whereas the Chick-fil-A ones are meant to be dipped in sauces.

I had been briefed about the Chick-fil-A sauce, but had no idea how many OTHER sauces I would encounter…


I went there on a specific Snack Trek, and only took two pictures. But I think that’s better than taking ten pictures. Let’s be real. I don’t have time to post ten pictures, and you don’t want to see ten pictures.

I’m not a huge fan of BBQ or Ranch. Those ones were just posing for the picture. But I tried the rest. I like Honey Mustard, so that was a win. Polynesian was a jelly-ish, slightly fruity version of ketchup. Buffalo had a bit of a spicy kick, but I enjoyed it. Chick-fil-A… I don’t remember how it tasted, exactly! It was a pale yellow-orange color. That’s all I got.

After I tried all those sauces, my first bite of ketchup-covered fry tasted crazy! Those sauces will screw with your taste buds, amigos!

Oh, and the water in that opening picture is the color blue because the water and the blue Powerade were coming out the same dispenser, and apparently I didn’t press the water button hard enough. I didn’t end up drinking my pale blue water, because… it looked like poison? Always a good reason to abstain from consuming something.

I would go back, but I wasn’t BOWLED over. Like, if I was from some place that had Chik-fil-A and moved to somewhere that didn’t have it, I’d go to Carl’s Jr. and get the chicken sandwich and CrissCut fries. I wouldn’t lock myself in my room, or cry, or write letters to the CEO demanding a new franchise in my neighborhood.

OH! How can I forget the sweet tea? It wasn’t quite as sweet as the McDonald’s version, which is probably better for my pancreas. But I kind of preferred the McDonald’s sweet tea, even though it made me delirious?

Wow, I just lost my train of thought for several minutes and read a bunch of funny writers’ tweets. I think that means I’m done writing this post.

Oh, and on the way out I decided to be a good Samaritan and return my unopened sauces to the sauce bins. In the process I tripped over a little girl and almost killed her. She got tangled between my legs. So awk.

Okay, now it’s ready to post.


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2 thoughts on “Snack Trek: CHICK-FIL-A @ USC

  1. lock oneself in a room, cry, write letters to the CEO…why does that all sound so familiar? oh yeah, I remember now! that’s what happened to your sister in (st. louis) mizzery when she was deprived of her rubios fix.

  2. It’s probably better that we didn’t go together; I think I would’ve been personally offended that you don’t love it. I’m still trying to scrape all the sugar off my teeth from McD’s sweet tea (although I still get them!) and I’m a complete sauce whore, so perhaps that’s the appeal. We’ll just never speak of this again.

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