Freaky Friday: Time Machines, Mutant Apples & Some Other Third Thing

Tiny apple in a small hand.

It’s Friday and I’m a bit fried (Fried-day?), but here’s a quick round-up of some quirky things that made my Friday extra-special.

Re: the title, when I was a freshman in college I dated a guy who went to UCLA… that’s a 45-ish minute drive from USC. (Not worth it.)

Parking is notoriously difficult in Westwood (that’s UCLA’s neighborhood, for you non-Angelenos), and I happened to show up one afternoon during street-sweeping hours. So we ended up going to see the Spongebob movie, to kill time while we waited for street parking to open up. (I don’t remember where we parked? Some theater lot?)

The only funny thing I remember about the Spongebob movie is a scene where he’s making a list, and he says two things “…and some other third thing.” I don’t know if the rule of threes is funny only to writer-types or to everyone, but to this day I quote that line at least once a month, and I don’t think anybody knows that I’m quoting it. Or finds it funny.


Oh! I found the full quote: “But you know, I’ve been through a lot in the last six days, five minutes and twenty-seven seconds, and in that time, I’ve learned that no amount of mermaid magic, or managerial promotion, or some other third thing can make me any more than what I really am inside: a kid.”

Speaking of Spongebob, I took this in Albuquerque. My mom refers to this balloon as Spongegod, which makes sense because people are flocking to his feet.

False idols.

He’s literally a fire-crotch in that picture.

Really, I should be quoting Back to the Future, because did you know that this weekend(ish) is its 25th Anniversary? And that it’s one of my all-time favorite movies, even though I never talk about it here?

Because this is a blog about TV and food. Usually.

Today I was Downtown on work-errands, and I spotted this incredibly Back to the Future-appropriate device… a real-life flux capacitor?

Where we're going, we don't need roads.

I don’t even want to know what a Time Switch really is. I just want it to be magical. Hopefully next time I’m there I’ll look for the Time Switch, and it will have mysteriously disappeared… or turned invisible.

After I dealt with The Man, I went to a UPS Store to get a bunch of glass sent across the country. As you can imagine, that required a great deal of bubble wrap, Styrofoam, etc etc. There was a big balloon-ish looking thing hanging from the ceiling, and I figured it was something to do with… I don’t know, insulation? The air conditioner?

But it turned out to be a Styrofoam popcorn dispenser! The man referred to the Styrofoam as peanuts, which is why I didn’t know how to label this. So it became “some other third thing.”

My phone was being kinda wonky, but it ended up doing me proud and capturing an ACTION SHOT.

Order up!

In case you were ever wondering where they stored their nuts.

Speaking of things that you should definitely say in front of kids– I have to say, I hope there are children present when that package is opened, because it’s going to be an extravaganza of bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, and when I was a kid I LOVED playing with that stuff.

I still do. Ka-ZING! (I don’t know. I’m tired. It felt like I needed to add some comical commentary.) (Speaking of funny people, did you notice on the live “30 Rock” episode that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was Liz Lemon’s doppelganger? JLD is also MY doppelganger. This is getting freaky.)

Finally, for some reason there are two types of apples in our kitchen this week: teensy tine-sy and ginormico. I took a picture of them side by side. You can see that the big apples dwarf the orange and the avocado. And the small ones make my hands look big. (Not that I’m trying to prove anything…)

Babies and grandpappies.

I prefer the small ones. I like things that are adorable… and not too filling.

Oh God, that’s what she said.

That’s my sign that it’s time to dash. Hope you were delighted, surprised, and some other third thing by those pictures. I know I was tickled to bring them to your face.

To the future, Marty!


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One thought on “Freaky Friday: Time Machines, Mutant Apples & Some Other Third Thing

  1. one-i won’t sue or anything, but that is most decidedly NOT the spongegod picture, as my facebook album contains the one-and-only picture of spongegod, with the sun spilling out all around him from the heavens. two-happy 25th anniversary, back to the future. oh, and the third thing: is that Time Switch made out of chocolate, by any chance?

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