My Trip, As Told in (Uneaten) Donuts

It's 5am, Mountain Time. Do you know where your donuts are?

As we know, the universe has a habit of trying to force me to eat cake. I mentioned before I left for vacation that I’m interested in trying apple cider donuts. Well, I didn’t encounter any of those on my trip to Albuquerque.

But I DID encounter a buttload of regular donuts.

I didn’t eat any, but of course I documented this. So that I’ll have a case when I take donuts to court for STALKING me. (Well, I stalked the Randy’s Donuts donut. But it’s a sign, not a donut.)

On my way to the airport, I noticed on my phone’s Google Maps application that Randy’s was ONE BLOCK past my turn. I knew my family was waiting for me at the park ‘n ride, but some things are too important to pass up when you are a mere ONE BLOCK away.

Plus, I could just revise my route and turn on Manchester.

Here it is! My moment of dangerous-driving Zen!

First picture! NOW I'm on vacation!

I don’t THINK I’ve seen that sign in person before. POSSIBLY I saw it while driving with Brent? I don’t know, because I’ve seen it on TV so many times, reality is blending with FANTASY.

Also: I was so excited that I missed my turn on Manchester. I worked it out, though. Maximum extra drive time: two or three minutes.


We woke up at the butt-crack of dawn (4:30am… official butt-crack of dawn) to get to the Balloon Fiesta, and found donuts waiting for us in the lobby. (That’s the opening picture.) I had a bite of muffin before I realized it was too early to eat.

And when we got to the Fiesta… MORE donuts.

Still too early to eat.

Friday morning was kind of touch-and-go, with lightning in the distance and some on-and-off rain. But luckily the weather turned around, and we got to see some excellent balloons.

But this post isn’t about balloons!

After the morning session we had time to kill, so we decided to go to Old Town Albuquerque. But we ended up in Santa Fe. It happens.

That’s where I saw these fake, bejeweled donuts. Low-cal, because they are fake. Get it?

Get it?

You may recall that I also asked the universe for some autumn foliage. But apparently the universe only cares to answer my FOOD requests in buttload quantities, because I only saw ONE tree with changing leaves in Santa Fe.

Thanks for this!

That was the only one. Just one. But one is better than none.


To Santa Fe’s credit, they have beautiful Vancouver-esque flower baskets hanging all over the place. (Except in that picture.)

But this post isn’t about beautiful flower baskets. Moving back to the subject at hand… DONUTS.

My East Coast friends bemoan California’s lack of Dunkin’ Donuts. Well, guess who has Dunkin’ Donuts?


No offense to Albuquerque, but I’m okay living in Dunkin’-free Los Angeles. It’s worth the trade.

Did I mention that we didn’t partake of any of this? Haha. I think Dunkin’ Donuts is one of those things that you only miss if you grew up with it/drink coffee/eat donuts. So… I strike out on all three.

Something we DO have in CA, but the craze has totally passed: Krispy Kreme. (Maybe that’s why Dunkin’ Donuts is reluctant to come here? I know of several Krispy Kreme locations that were hugely popular when they opened, but have since folded.) I’m not a huge fan of the donuts (or any donuts, really– so they can’t take it personally), but thumbs up to their balloon!

"Happy all around." I like it!

You can see the rest of my vacation/balloon pics on my Flicker. I must say, I only ran these blogs-pics through the Picnik “auto fix,” but I might run a bunch more through after seeing how much it enhanced this picture. Look at the color grading of the sky. Cool!

Also: a bunch of my ABQ food-pics are on my mom’s camera, because I ran out of battery on our big dessert-binge night. So they’re not on the Flickr. Yet.

For the flight home, I nabbed a window seat (they’re awesome during the day– America is so interesting from above), and snapped a few pictures of Los Angeles as we passed over the city.

So much to eat, so little time.

On the left, you can see USC’s campus. On the right, Downtown. Running by USC, the 110 freeway– which I drove down about 30 minutes later, on my way home. Somewhere in between, my apartment. All around, my whole life. (And on the very left, cut off– oops– the Hollywood sign.)

So what was the very last picture of my trip? The most perfect bookend:

So much smaller from here.

Another photo of Randy’s Donuts, from a moving vehicle. I was destined to see it, either way!

The universe is trying to hand me donuts willy-nilly, but I’m only really interested in sampling apple cider donuts. So I didn’t partake. No thanks, universe. You can’t fool me!

But I’m not pretending to be little miss abstinence. I ate a buttload of cake and pie. (It was my sister’s birthday, after all.) But as I said, those pictures are on my mom’s camera. (We’ll visit that binge later. Probably.)

In the meantime, hope the universe is handing you donuts, if that’s what you’re asking for. (Don’t bite into them unless you’re sure they’re not bejeweled.)

It’s good to be back!


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One thought on “My Trip, As Told in (Uneaten) Donuts

  1. Wait, so you only drove by Randys? You didn’t eat one? GOBACKNOW. Get the coconut doughnut. I don’t care if you hate coconut or are allergic to it, this will surpass any health problems or personal preferences. I promise.

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