Up, Up and Away

I'm on my way.

This may be my last post for a few days. I’m going to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

That’s right, a balloon fiesta. (I think it’s on my mom’s bucket list.)

I’m also flying Southwest for the first time. (I’m all about the JetBlue, but my parents are Southwest people now.) Can’t wait to jockey seniors and children for my unassigned seat.

AND within the past few hours I’ve developed a bit of a cough. Everybody’s favorite airline passenger, right here.

All snark aside, I’m sure it’s going to be great. Lots of good photo ops. (We’re not actually riding in any balloons. The rates are totally inflated.) (Pun intended!)

This week one of my LA friends is also out of town, but he’s jaunting up and down the East Coast, watching the leaves change, picking apples, visiting pumpkin patches… and posting photos to Facebook. I must admit, I’m jealous of THAT trip. I’ve never seen the leaves change. (That’s on MY bucket list.)

I think I love autumn, but I’ve never even seen a PROPER one. My brain just might melt in delight.

And suddenly I’m dying to trek for snack I hadn’t even heard of until recently: the apple cider donut. (Also strange because I don’t typically eat donuts. But apple + donut… must be a tiny bit healthier?) (Probably not.) (But surely more delicious than your average donut.)

Is that a baby hand?

As far as I know, the closest place in California where I can find such a donut is Julian, near San Diego. Probably a 5-6 hour drive from here, round trip.

But I think an apple cider donut would best be enjoyed somewhere on the East Coast, amongst the falling leaves. With a piping Styrofoam cup of apple cider. (Which I sometimes like, sometimes don’t. Depends on how spicy it is.) (Killer nutmeg!)

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

But I’m about to go on a family vacation. Family + romance = A literature class I took in college, where we mostly read books about incest. (And watched Cape Fear, which is just creepy in general.)

Where was I? Albuquerque. Balloons. Fiesta-ing. That is what I am looking forward to, in the short term.

I’ll catch you next time, turning leaves.

And I’ll catch YOU next week, blog readers. (If you know of any Albuquerque food musts– tell me now!)


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