Snack of the Afternoon, 10/5/10: DONUT ICE CREAM (Lake Street Creamery Truck)

Caught in the act.

Last time a dessert truck graced our lot, it was a-kabillion degrees out. When the Lake Street Creamery came a-knockin’ this past Tuesday, the weather had taken a turn for the… cold and rainy. But despite the lack of ideal ice creaming conditions, I was down to buy.


For one thing, look at these flavors. (Click to enlarge.) (That’s what she said?)

Dollar bill action shot!

I love the dollar bill in the picture. Happy accident. Looks like they can’t take the money fast enough!

Also: Waffle cone bowls!

Love me some waffle cone.

The top scoop in the bowl on the right is the pancake/bacon flavor. I mistook the Nutella swirl in the bottom scoop for bacon. (In fact, the bottom scoop was a special banana ice cream/Nutella flavor, dubbed Bananarella.) (But when I jotted down my orders, I called it “bannatula,” which sounds like… bananas and Dracula? Bananas and spatulas?)

The other special flavor-of-the-day was a strong coffee ice cream (and the pancake/bacon scoop is sprinkled in coffee grounds), so you could have a whole breakfast in ice cream form. If you were so inclined. (I just have regular dessert ice cream for breakfast sometimes…)

I didn’t try the flavor with bacon for obvious I-don’t-eat-bacon reasons, but the people in front of me at the truck were raving about the bacon taste/quality. (Which makes it even odder that I couldn’t see any bacon in the scoop…)

The bowl on the left contains Donut and Bananarella. But that’s not my bowl! TWIST.

I only intended to get one scoop (two scoops is $6!), and sampled Donut and Holiday Chocolate. In a fit of indecision, I ended up getting both.

Ironically, I don’t usually eat donuts. Growing up, they were regarded as an arch villain. So I get guilt-hives just thinking of them. But for some reason I could justify eating a donut in ice cream form. Go figure.

I expected Donut to be vanilla ice cream filled with donut chunks (as was the case with Coolhaus), but it was more subtle than that. There seemed to be a bit of donut texture in the scoop, but I think the donut flavor was achieved through… chemicals? (That’s what my dad would say.)

Rainy day lunch.

I picked Holiday Chocolate because it sounded like it had a lot of those pumpkin spice spices goin’ on. Co-worker Bryan tried a bite and was overwhelmed by the nutmeg. (He is really good at picking out flavors in foods!) To this day, I think he’s still haunted by the ghost of Holiday Chocolate.

Random nutmeg fact I heard a long time ago, might not be true: If you inject nutmeg into your bloodstream, it will kill you.


(I’m waiting for Thomas to refute that.)

I didn’t end up finishing the Holiday Chocolate scoop, but it was partly because I felt gross/guilty about eating that much ice cream. I should have gone with my gut and done a single scoop, and it probably should have been Donut… or maybe the vanilla one, a lot of Yelpers loved it.

Live and learn!

And even though I didn’t finish the ice cream, I ate the whole waffle bowl. I love cones! Sometimes I get ice cream just for the cone! CRAZYVILLE.

(Double CRAZYVILLE: I know people who don’t like cones.) (Whaaaa?)

Okay, back to your day.



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