The Great Samoas Im-postre!

Look familiar?

[Title explanation: I merged the word “imposter” with the Spanish word for dessert (“postre”). It’s a little bit of a leap, I know. And I also like to pronounce words in silly ways.]

So we had some new groceries in our kitchen today, and those Keebler Coconut Dreams were among them.

Are they not the most blatant Samoas ripoffs ever? (I got a glimpse of the cookies, and they are in that same plastic packaging.)

Growing up I sold Girl Scout cookies (and my mom was a “cookie mom” for years, so we’d have the annual our-garage-is-filled-with-cases-of-cookies thing), but I didn’t know until fairly recently that the cookies have different names in different regions. If you aren’t from Southern California, you may know Samoas as Caramel DeLites. I found pictorial evidence!

The cookies are different?! So confused.

Is it just me, or do the Samoas look more delicious? (And WHY are the names different? Are non-Californians racist against Samoans? Or what?) (Also, I think that musical theater hat girl has been on the boxes since I was selling.) (She’s adorable!)

(I already figured out the answer. There are two different bakers. Little Brownie Bakers and ABC. But… WHY two different bakers?)

[Okay– Thomas did a little more research than I did, and within an hour of this post informed me that Keebler OWNS Little Brownie Bakers. So… this whole post is moot. Whatever. Are you surprised? I’m not.]

The mystery of Samoas is that I am typically not a fan of coconut OR caramel, but Samoas were probably my favorite flavor of Girl Scout cookie.

This kinda begs the question: Should Girl Scout cookies be in stores? Wouldn’t the Girl Scout powers that be rather people buy Samoas year-round than sell Samoas one month and watch people buy ripoff Samoas for the other eleven?

I guess it’s a supply and demand thing? Or a… don’t want people to be burned out thing? (Like pumpkin spice syndrome.) Or a… want people to buy them from the little girls thing?

Once in high school my male friend ate a SLEEVE of Thin Mints for lunch, and I wanted to punch him in the face for being able to do that. (I mean, I could do it too– but I would punch MYSELF in the face for the rest of the week.)

All I know is, I will be trying my best to avoid this impostre snack– and I probably wouldn’t touch them, even if they were REAL Samoas. I try to stay away from Girl Scout Cookies, because they are addictive. (And everybody knows the best dealers never touch their wares.) (Though I haven’t been a Girl Scout since… 1998?)


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One thought on “The Great Samoas Im-postre!

  1. Your post had me intrigued enough to read up on Girl Scout Cookies. It turns out that Little Brownie Bakers is a subsidiary of Keebler. So Keebler isn’t really ripping anybody off – they’re simply selling the same product under a different brand name.

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