:( DOGZ: The New LOLcats

I can haz catburger?

This has nothing to do with snacks or TV, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This is my blog. I get to make the rules.

My mom keeps texting me pictures of my dog. Which should be a joyous occasion, because my dog is super super cute. Evidence:

She surfs. She scores!

But for some reason my mom’s pictures of my dog (Daisy) always catch her in states of EXTREME depression. (Or at least that’s how I read her expressions.)

Since LOLcats are usually really amusing and uplifting, I’ve starting calling these pictures 😦 DOGZ.

To keep MYSELF from getting depressed, I’ve added words to try to turn things back around. Dogs are supposed to make people happy, damnit!

She seriously looks like she's on her deathbed, in the 1800s.

Another depressing little biscuit of information for you: I don’t think I’m going to recap yesterday’s “Mad Men.” Sorry. But it was good. If you want to talk about “Mad Men” in the comments section of this post, I am happy to engage.

I will say this: I continue to love Peggy. I’m SO MAD at DON about WHAT HE DID toward the end of the episode. He knows what he did. You know what he did. (He’s at it again. SAD FACE.) And Roger= hot mess.

Feel free to add your two cents. But I completely understand if that picture of my dog sent you into a spiral of depression, and you’re too sad to type.



3 thoughts on “:( DOGZ: The New LOLcats

  1. It’s my fault she looks so depressed. I let her watch Mad Men with me. She took to bed after that and hasn’t been the same since. Maybe an episode of Modern Family will snap her out of it. She loves Manny.

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