Thank Goodness It’s Friday.

This is how you know it's time for the weekend.

Remember when TGIF was ABC’s awesome kid-friendly Friday lineup? (Remember when people watched TV on Friday nights?)

Everybody remembers “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Boy Meets World,” but nobody ever seems to recall one of my favorites: “Teen Angel.” Boy eats old rotten hamburger, dies instantly, and becomes his best friend’s guardian angel.


I think it lasted one season, but I will always remember “Teen Angel” for teaching me the phrase, “Smooth move, Ex Lax.”


In order of appearance in my day, here are some THINGS.

At lunchtime I went on a Subway run, and I witnessed some actual DOUGH being readied for the oven. They really do bake their own bread! (The lights reflecting on the glass make it look like the bread’s being made on the ceiling. Like it should be!)

My mind, it is blown.

The bread reminds me of those Pillsbury Dough tins of ready-to-bake biscuits, where you twist and pop them. LOVE those.

Incidentally, when you open a new jar of Wheat Germ and the seal unseals, it creates a vortex in the bottle. And it makes a really cool suction noise. I got to experience that this week! (Jealous?)

I wish that happened every time I opened the Wheat Germ. Somebody get on that.

Hurricane Wheat.

Today marked the return of the Mandoline Grill truck, and I made good on my vow to try the bun this time around.

I took a little bit too long at Subway, and I think my noodles overheated a bit in their sealed container. Despite slight over-softness in the noodle dept, I was pleased. But after I was very thirsty and a little bit sick-feeling. I shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing. (It looked a lot smaller than previous buns, but was still really filling.)

The fish sauce was very potent. Good taste, strong smell. (But I washed my hands a lot after.) (Hear that, boyz?)

Noodle doodle do.

But the real Friday-ness of a Friday is the late afternoon, which is when the remaining Friday-work turns into Monday-work.

You guys: I don’t really like Jello. Especially sugar free. It tastes like soft plastic. Not even sure why I even sought it out, but I ended up making wacky tableaux. The one at the top is… sort of a chocolate hot tub, or a Noah’s ark of Jello.

This one is a La Brea Tar Pit of Jello. I find the Tar Pits to be one of the more depressing and smelly tourist attractions in LA. So I guess I went to a dark place with my food art. Well, the adorable happy face tempers it.

We're drowning in tar. Help.

There are actually statues in the tar pits of mother and baby animals, drowning and looking sad. That is not my idea of a good 4th grade field trip! (I was traumatized.)

On a more pleasant note, those are Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers. They taste just a bit lemon-y, and they are my cracker crack.

And now I’m staying at work EXTRA to blog. What’s up with that?

Hope everybody has a great Friday night, despite a lack of “Teen Angel” on the airwaves. I’m going to see the Social Network, with my Facebook friends. Well, I guess if I’m going to a movie with them, they’re just my friend friends.

And I’m a bit backlogged due to actual WORK work ethic, so… look forward to funny-flavored tea and nauseatingly large burgers (get your minds out of the gutter, gutter-rats!), among other things. At some point in the future.

All right, Apple out!


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2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.

  1. I remember Teen Angel! I always thought it was funny, with that lead guy who was kinda like Jamie Kennedy but not, and Ron Glass as God’s cousin Rod, and how the lead lived with his mom but then she left and his dad came on the show, and brought Jerry Van Dyke as well, even though Van Dyke was also on that genie show You Wish, which was on ABC the same night as Teen Angel! Jerry Van Dyke must work for cheap.

    It’s all coming back to me now.

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