Love’s Labours, Blogged (Or, Mother Knows Best)

I need to hire these people to write my blog-titles.

I guess this shouldn’t be completely shocking, because LA and OC are next door to each other, but when my mom sends me a letter, it arrives in ONE day. BAM! It’s like email, but… still 24 hours slower.

Today at work I was in a workin’ groove and didn’t even get my blog on (good for me!) (bad for you?) (eh, let’s be real), but I took a short break when I got this care package from my mom. (AWWW.)

And in a totally Mom way, it was full of articles-of-interest! You can see that she included one about a woman who learned her love of frozen dinners from her mother (just like I blogged about a few days ago!) and another about Jason Schwartzman/”Bored to Death” (what’s up with that majorly hipster mustache?) (oh wait… that IS what’s up with it).

Obviously my mom is paying attention. She’s studying this blog as if there may or may not be a Daily Binge pop (culture) quiz in homeroom on Friday. (Just kidding.) (My mom’s not in high school. That would be weird.) (Unless she was an undercover reporter PRETENDING to be in high school, like Drew Barrymore in NEVER BEEN KISSED.) (Okay, still weird.)

But whatever. Jokes aside, I like giving and receiving mail. (MAIL! Get your mind out of the gutter, you gutter-rats!) (And in fact, my letter-sending habits got a shout-out on Lauren’s blog today!) (Give and ye shall receive.) (MAIL!) (Among other things…)

But my mom doesn’t just send ARTICLES. Oh no. She sends entire MAGAZINES. Exhibit B:


(That’s from the Grilled Cheese Truck. Surprised?)

You know what I realized? She sent me my blog, as collected from published works. Nostalgic piece about frozen dinners, article about a TV show, reviews of several food trucks. But… those people probably got PAID for their stories. (Maybe five dollars?) (Is publishing dead?) I just get paid in… letters from my mom. Love letters to the blog.

How do you like that? Some things are sweeter than money. (Most things, I bet. I have a feeling paper money tastes NASTY.)

Today I got the greatest gift of all: LOVE.

And also: CASH.


This scenario is hilariously hysterical for several reasons.

A: Growing up, my mom probably warned me about a TRILLION times that you should NEVER send cash in the mail. Well, look who’s sending cash NOW. (THANKS!!!)

B: She wrote “truck $” ON THE MONEY. Just in case the note that told me to spend it on trucks wasn’t clear. If I try to spend this at, say, Ralph’s, I hope the cashier frowns at the bill and says, “Hey, this is supposed to be TRUCK money.”

C: I was worried that writing on money was a FELONY and was afraid to post this picture (because I am a loving daughter and didn’t want my mom to go to JAIL), so I GOOGLED it and found out that it’s OKAY as long as the money can still circulate.

D: If you eventually get this $20 bill, let me know. SOCIAL EXPERIMENT! (Or is it?)

E: I think she sent me this cash because I blogged that I didn’t have any the other day when the TAO/TAM Truck was here. Blog, and ye shall receive! Like in JULIE & JULIA, when Julie set up a PayPal and people gave her money to buy fancy ingredients. (Don’t worry, I’m not setting up a PayPal… yet.)

I would send my mom a thank you card, but I literally sent this one on Monday. And I think it’s wacky enough to cover the whole week.

It's because my parents have alpacas! Nothing weird. (Other than that.)

So you see, the letter-sending is mutual. And I’ve sent her a number of articles. (Some online, some photo-copied, some… other third thing?) (Mostly about “Mad Men.”)

I think we could all take this page from the Mom playbook… and send it to somebody via SNAIL MAIL. Because in this day and age, it’s nice to get a personal letter with real life handwriting on it and everything.

And don’t be nervous about saying the right thing. (You can always send an article…) It’s the thought that counts, anyway. (Or the picture on the front. Alpaca to the RESCUE!)

I’m thinking of you, dear blog-stalkers. Sleep tight!

And thanks for letting me blog about you, Mom! (Not that you have a choice!) (You’ve created a monster!) I send you my love, but not any cash. You taught me well!


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2 thoughts on “Love’s Labours, Blogged (Or, Mother Knows Best)

  1. I amended the cash in the mail rule when Nicole went off to college. She needs to schlep a long way to check her mail, so the inspiration for doing that is now an intermittent cash incentive.
    Glad you got the (very subliminal) message that the $20 was to be spent specifically for food from a truck. If you spend it anywhere else I will know. You know I will.

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