The Grocery Store Diaries (BRISTOL FARMS)


This morning I went to Bristol Farms for pre-work coffee times. They serve Peet’s, which I find to be particularly potent coffee. I got an iced pumpkin spice latte. It was very spicy.

I got there a bit early (I was meeting someone) (yeah, I’m so popular, right?), but having a few extra minutes at a grocery-selling establishment is NEVER a problem for me.

I started out looking for fancy Malcolm Gladwell article-esque ketchups (basically anything non-Heinz), but they only had one non-Heinz brand. So this didn’t turn out to be another ketchup post. Bully for you.

Instead, I found a lot of autumn-esque products. Bristol Farms carries some items you wouldn’t find in your local Ralph’s (unless your Ralph’s is super cool), so I figured I’d bring these quirky products TO THE WORLD. I’m a good Samaritan like that.

Hopefully this makes you feel all autumn-y inside. Tomorrow is October!

First of all, something to enjoy whilst you watch “The Vampire Diaries.” (Episode 204 airs tonight… unless you’re on the East Coast. In that case… you missed it. Whoops.)

"Just add hot water for a creepy red hot chocolate potion!"

That’s probably more delicious than my blood bag.

Speaking of drinks, they had personal pan Martinelli’s! Apple juice AND sparkling cider. (And yes, I have decided that personal pan applies to anything and everything. Not just pizza. I’m breaking out of the box, pizza and otherwise.)

DIY: Drink it yourself.

This next one is neither a drink nor specifically autumn-related, but I was incredibly intrigued. Thin Swedish pancakes? Why not! (This is how the Swedish stay so trim?)

I want to be referred to as "deliciously thin."

If those AREN’T imported from Sweden, they’re fooling me! (Although I haven’t noticed them at IKEA, so…) (Oh yeah, IKEA trip imminent… I will surely nab some pics there.)

Oh, but the box is in English. Hm. Then again, the Swedes are great at English. (Import or not? Anybody know?)

I said that pancakes aren’t autumn-specific, but there IS something cozy about pancakes. They’re a very Sunday-morning-in-robes kinda breakfast. And it’s a good time of year for that. (Once the heat wave passes.) Swedish pancakes and a mug of blood-red cocoa? Good times.

The whole store was filled with the very pungent, buttery scent of baked goods. Golden baked goods. I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry. The display overwhelmed me. The smell also overwhelmed me. (OH MY GOSH, have I ever talked about how certain food smells made me BARF when I was a kid?) (I was a really fun kid.) (I’ll save that story for later.) (That’s basically the whole story, though. In a nutshell.)

Until the next time I see something I want to photograph in a grocery store…

(So, like, tomorrow.)


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