Perks of Being a Blogger

Changing faces!

As you’ve noticed, I document my food truck eatin’s on this blog. When I can’t remember whether or not I liked a truck that’s parked outside, I just type the name of the truck into the Daily Binge “search” box. And I get a picture AND a review. Convenient!

For once, this blog is pulling its weight.

Today both trucks were in the thumbs-down category. Lucky for me that I brought a Lean Cuisine!

I’ve probably talked about my love for Lean Cuisines before. I inherited (by nurture) my mother’s lack of cooking umph, so when I was growing up, Lean Cuisines were the height of… cuisine… in our house.

It just so happens that I brought a Sesame Chicken Lean Cuisine to work, and that picture of the old-and-new packaging Sesame Chicken Lean Cuisines was in my phone. I took it on March 28, 2010. Six months and one day ago. And it did not become blog-relevant until just now. (Luckily I remembered it.)

Isn’t it funny how things become relevant in time? Or IRRELEVANT?

My life was really different six months ago. Looking back, I’m glad it changed. (Whew.)

Well, things didn’t totally change. I’m still taking random pictures in grocery stores.

Another nice thing about this blog (lately) is that people are actually reading. (SHOCKING, I know.) Several friends/former co-workers have said to me, “I keep track of you by reading your blog.” But let me keep track of YOU, too. If you’re reading, please say “hi” every once in a while. Let’s make it a mutual stalking. (Either way, I’m probably stalking you on Facebook.) (Let’s be real.)

Want to be part of the experience? Let’s go on a snack trek! (I won’t take your picture against your will. But I might talk about you, or take pictures of your food.) (It has no will… well, depending on your beliefs.)

Anyway. While I’m eating a hermetically sealed microwave meal, my sister (Dana) sent me this picture of HER lunch.

Fancy schmancy.

Pretty plate. (I bet it’s from Target.) (Not a dig! Target has pretty PLASTIC stuff. Which is a must for klutzy dish-users like me.)

The picture came with this note: “Made ‘falafel’ out of veggie burger & spices.”

I replied, “Nice! You just balled it up?” (I’m sure that’s a technical cooking term.)

Her response: “Yup. Defrosted, balled it up, and cooked it in a skillet with basil leaves, chili powder, paprika, and spicy pepper. It was delish.”

What the WHAT?!

How the heck did she know what to put in the skillet? When did she acquire skillet skills? And apparently that spice combo just popped into her head?

I’m starting to suspect that we’re not related.

But since I know that we ARE, maybe there’s hope for me, too. (Or at least the promise of eatin’ good when I visit her!)


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2 thoughts on “Perks of Being a Blogger

  1. Elysse, I’m coming out of the closet: I read your blog…


    I think you’re hilariously entertaining, amusing, and you sound so excited about everything you do. Your witty enthusiasm for simple things like circle cut carrots amazes me. I can also honestly say that I have tried (and not tried) several snacks, restaurants, and trucks based purely on your colorful reviews.

    Just thought I’d share the love. keep being amazing!

    – Ellen

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