The Daily Sandwich: LEMONGRASS CHICKEN BANH MI (Nom Nom Truck)

Nom Nom. (Nom.)

Very exciting day. The Nom Nom Truck was here. People were pumped, because Nom Nom won the Food Network’s truck challenge? I don’t know, I never watched that show. You would think that a person who blogs about food trucks and TV shows would be ALL OVER IT, but sometimes I lose track of things. I guess I should have DVR’d it. Sorry. (Not really.)

Nom Nom is Vietnamese food. They could totally be ‘Nam ‘Nam. Maybe it’s a play on words. Or maybe I’m overthinking it.

I only took one picture, because I had Nom Nom once at my last job and I THOUGHT I blogged it at the time. But I guess I didn’t? Maybe I took a picture and never posted it? You may remember that the blog went through a sort of Dark Ages, when I would post once in a blue moon. (And at one point I wrote a novel… yeah.)

So I got the lemongrass chicken banh mi with light mayo, and I don’t think it had jalapenos because I did not meet a spicy demise.

The chips were overkill. My bad.

The sandwich was very tasty. In fact, I had been judging all of my food truck banh mi experiences against my original Nom Nom experience. (Before they were famous.) I kinda took too long finishing my “Mad Men” recap, and hence my sandwich was a bit cold. Nonetheless, it was still very good. Didn’t disappoint.

Though I’m not sure which is my ultimate favorite, out of the several I’ve eaten over these past few months.

I’m sleepy. (And I didn’t even wait in the sun for my sandwich. Our PA did.) (And then she went home sick.) (I’M SORRY!!!)

It’s 113 in Downtown LA, so I’m sure my apartment is a sauna right now.


Luckily I’m at work. Temperature controlled offices! (I just sneezed a few times. HA!) (Joke’s on me?)

AND luckily the Tropical Shave Ice truck is coming in a few minutes. BLESS this building for procuring that truck for us, because I’m sure EVERYBODY wants them today.

Though since I’m nice and cool indoors, it seems a little crazy to go wait in the sun to get some ice.

But I never said I WASN’T crazy.



2 thoughts on “The Daily Sandwich: LEMONGRASS CHICKEN BANH MI (Nom Nom Truck)

  1. nom nom = online speak for delicious, cuz it’s the sounds a cookie monster would make while eating noisily – NOM NOM NOM! (say that quickly and loudly). if you enjoyed the truck, definitely try lee’s sandwiches. i love this truck because it’s one of the only ones that reasonably priced!

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