Snack of the Afternoon, 9/27/10: SHAVE ICE! (Tropical Shave Ice Truck)

Hey, look who's wearing nail polish again.

In case you thought I was LYING when I said it’s hot in Los Angeles right now… today was actually a record breaker. According to the LA Times, today was LA’s Hottest Day Ever. Really.

I wore shorts, knowing that the office might be over-compensatingly over-air conditioned. It was so hot in my apartment this morning, I didn’t really have any other option.

A few minutes after I got to work, I received an email announcing that the Tropical Shave Ice truck would be in our lot at 2:30pm. I don’t know when the building procured that truck, but it must have been SO in demand today. Major kudos whoever made this happen.

"Tropical shave"? That's a whole different story...

Ironically, I didn’t go outside until I went to get my shave ice. Co-worker Bryan compared the heat to a blow-dryer… it was definitely over 100 degrees (F). I actually didn’t mind standing in it for a few minutes. But I’m kinda cold-blooded, in the reptilian sense. (I also had to get warm enough to WANT the shave ice.) (Okay, I wanted it no matter what.)

I got one for myself, and one for my boss. That means… two pretty pictures! (Hers is prettier.)

Clown wig!

We both got vanilla ice cream at the bottom of our ices, which turned out to be an AMAZING finishing touch. The red in that picture is a flavor known as Tiger’s Blood. Isn’t that badass? Get me some Tiger’s Blood! (It’s strawberry/coconut.) (I totally would have ordered it, but I’m not huge on coconut.)

The yellow is pineapple and the green is lemon-lime.

I also got lemon-time, with guava and strawberry. It looks like a dirty Christmas snowball. But that might have something to do with the fact that I took this picture indoors. Seemingly in the pitch dark. (It was the room, actually.) (This photo reveals nothing.)

Don't judge me. I'm still delicious.

I don’t know how the shave ice people were keeping their ice from melting in this ridiculous heat, but it was perfection. The ice was ethereal, almost like the cotton candy of ice. So smooth. Not at all grainy or crunchy.

When I got through enough of the ice that it was feasible, I stirred it in with the vanilla ice cream at the bottom. The ice cream plus the ice and juice created this amazing slushie/smoothie… I would not have guessed that I would be such a fan of this.

A thousand times yes.

Yes, that is a tiny doggy in the background. His name is Sully. I was hoping to get a shot of him standing under my shave ice with his beggy little face, but he was preoccupied with his master. That’s okay. I get it.

Sully had a squeaky toy goose, which I thought was funny because the pilot “Sully” Sullenberger FLEW INTO a flock of geese. Dogs imitating pilots who may or may not be their namesakes! (I love you, Sully. Both of you.)

You are probably sitting there saying, “FUCK you, Elysse! It’s still over 100 degrees in my apartment and I ain’t got no shave ice truck!” To you, I say, “Fuck YOU, because you don’t know my life.”

My life is that I just invented a DIY bottom-of-the-shave-ice vanilla ice cream slushie, using household ingredients. FOR YOU. (Now I bet you feel kinda crappy for cursing me out. Serves you right!)

It’s really easy:

-Vanilla Ice Cream

-Fruit Juice (I happen to have orange juice) or Soda

-A Fruit Pop (make sure it complements the juice/soda– I had an orange Popsicle but that seemed too uniform, so I used grape)

(And by “pop” I mean frozen ice on a stick. Not Midwestern pop, which means soda.) (Weird.)

Pour the juice/soda over the pop to soften it. Add vanilla ice cream. Stir.

It’s good, right?


Because on a hot night, there’s nothing better than a little do-it-yourself. (Or with others.)

Don’t say I never did anything for you. (Or that I never cooked.) (Okay, no heat was used. But when it’s too hot to go near an oven, this is cooking.)


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4 thoughts on “Snack of the Afternoon, 9/27/10: SHAVE ICE! (Tropical Shave Ice Truck)

  1. cute cone. cute puppy. with weather like this you need to eat dessert first and then eat dessert again for dessert. my name is terry and i approve this post.

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