The Daily Sandwich: POPPY SEED BAGEL w/ PUMPKIN SHMEAR (!!!)

This is a no-brainer.

Okay, I’m in the room today so this is gonna be a quick one. But there’s not much to say. Co-worker Bryan is the best, because not only did he bring bagels today, but he brought PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE to put on them!

Noah’s officially calls it “shmear,” but I just say “cream cheese.” Saying “shmear” makes me feel like a stereotype. (Kind of confusing, because I embrace many other Jewish stereotypes.) (I guess everybody has their arbitrary limits.)

Between this and my Starbucks pumpkin latte last night, I’m very happy with my pumpkin consumption levels right now.

If I were a woman of leisure, I would totally be at Sprinkles right now, purchasing a pumpkin cupcake (and a chai tea cupcake!). Friday is the best day at Sprinkles.

But who wants to be a woman of leisure? I’m IN THE ROOM! (It’s fun.)

And there’s pumpkin cream cheese at work!

Love at first sight.

But maybe you don’t like pumpkin and you’re saying, “Whatever, Elysse! What’s in this post for ME?”

Well, Bryan was thinking of YOU, too. Here’s a picture he sent me yesterday. It made my draggy-drag Thursday afternoon so much more BEAR-able. (Sorry.) And hopefully it makes your whole Friday! (If not: What’s wrong with you?)


That was taken a while ago (I gather) at Urth Caffe in Downtown.

Okay, time to go listen to SECRETS.



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