The Daily Sandwich: FALAFEL PITA (Kabob N Roll)

Thar she rolls.

I got into a pattern this week. I was eating big dinners and would be full the next day until dinnertime-ish. So I wasn’t really eating lunch. Just snacks and stuff. (And I wasn’t particularly intrigued by any of the trucks.)

But today at lunchtime I was hungry, and I was hit with a double-whammy of two appealing trucks: Kabob N Roll AND the TAM Truck (formerly the Tao Truck?). When it rains, it pours.

I was out of cash and ended up going with Kabob N Roll because they had “we accept credit card” signs and the ATM in our building is broken. But hopefully we’ll meet again, TAM/Tao Truck. You got really good Yelp reviews! (I almost scrounged up $2 to try their curry rolls, but I didn’t want to be a glutton.) (For once.)

Honorable mention.

It all worked out, because I’ve been craving falafel. And SUPPOSEDLY more banh mi will come our way next week. Supposedly.

I have to mention that the man who took my order at the Kabob N Roll truck had beautiful eyes. Sort of a blue green. Very soulful.

Oh, and I had to document the “twisted potato kabob,” AKA delicious-looking fried potatoes. I really like potato-chip-looking french fries. But that’s something best ordered for a group. Or at a county fair. (All diets are off at a county fair.) (Not that I’m ever on a diet.) (Intuitive Eating!)

Spuds a la slice.

Stick a few of those in a falafel sandwich, and you just might get a free ticket to AMAZINGTOWN.

Just a hunch.

Here’s my falafel. As soon as I cracked open the foil, I knew it was going to be good. The aroma was delightful. My photo-taking skills… not so much.

Good stuff.

The pita was a little more flatbread-y than the others I’ve had in the recent past, and was grilled– nice! But it wasn’t too thick– there were still two layers.

I tried to cut the sandwich in half, but ended up kind of tearing it into pieces and eating in the true no-utensils, raised-in-a-barn Applebaum style. (Well, maybe just me and Dana. We have no excuse, because we were NOT raised in a barn.) (We went to COTILLION.)

You can kinda see my messy habits in this picture of the cross-section of the falafel. (This has become a thing in my falafel posts.)

Close encounters.

I was worried about that photo being blurry, but it’s not– though I can’t actually find the point of focus.

It’s artsy. That’s… one word for it.

The falafel balls were a bit flatter and less dense (fluffier?) than my last few falafel encounters. I liked the twist. They almost reminded me of… something potato-y. Fried, but light.

Um, yeah. So… (credit card) fate made me choose the Kabob N Roll truck, and it was good.

Have you noticed how often I end these posts as if I’m awkwardly saying goodbye after a mediocre first date? (Um… yeah… so…) I never know how to end these things. And I wrote a lot of analytical essays in college. With beginnings and middles and ends. (And short stories, with… beginnings.)

I’m going to harness the power of the conclusion. Let’s see if it works…

In conclusion, the juxtaposition of falafel, pita, several vegetables, and delectable sauces (specifically, hummus and tahini) made for a satisfying lunch experience.



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