Snack Trek: KING KONE Frozen Yogurt Truck


In keeping with the sweet, milky theme established by the latte post, here are some pictures from the ice cream (er, frozen yogurt) truck that came to our building yesterday. KING KONE! (Change one letter, and it’s scary.)

They had a “Campfire Milkshake” with marshmallows in it, but it wasn’t s’more enough for me to bite. (Also, I’m not huge into the milkshakes.)

I got the chocolate dipped, but for some reason they couldn’t put it on a cone. Technical difficulties.

One girl, one cup.

The dipping-chocolate was milkier-looking and more fudge-esque than the chocolate on, say, a Dairy Queen chocolate dipped. I didn’t end up eating all of it. But it was good. Just… too much.

Co-worker Bryan had been waffling (get it?) between a waffle cone and a chocolate dipped (sugar cone). When he heard that dipped was cone-less, he opted for the King Kone– not only the name of the truck, but also the name of something they sell on the truck. Basically, a sundae in a waffle cone.


That’s a new hand for you!

This weird “The Middle”-mobile was parked behind the King Kone truck, and I swear ABC just sent it to needle me, because I blogged that I would not be watching Patricia Heaton’s show. (You can see her name, over the title.)


Guess what? I still didn’t watch.

What are you going to send after me next, ABC?


Yeah, probably not.

But I’ll stay away from highrise windows.



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