I Endorse This MAD MEN Interview

Hey there, hi there, ho there.

After this week (Episode 409: “The Beautiful Girls”), who doesn’t love Dr. Faye Miller? She’s the softest!

I came across a great LA Times interview with Cara Buono, the actress who plays Faye. I recommend that you read the whole thing, but here are some interesting excepts.

First of all, did you know that Faye is JEWISH?! (SCORE!)

What sets you apart from Faye?

I have naturally dark, almost black hair and she’s blond. She’s also Jewish.  The line she says in the phone booth when she’s telling her boyfriend off.  “Go …  in the ocean.”  That’s an English translation of a Yiddish expression.  And her father, though he’s a gangster, he’s not of Italian descent.

Now I know you’re dying to see dark-haired Cara Buono. I got your back!

From her Soprano days.

She looks so different! (And more Jewish, but I guess Faye is trying to keep that under wraps?) (I’m allowed to say she looks Jewish, because I’m Jewish. It’s in the Seinfeld laws.)

And Cara brings up something that I brought up this week… the whole dating-Don-rather-than-being-his-mistress thing.

Don and Faye’s relationship begins from a place of honesty, which is a big change for him.  Do you think she’s someone he can open up to about his past?

Something I realized is that Faye is not a mistress; all of Don’s other women have been mistresses.  But she’s a real … can I call her a “girlfriend”?

I think it’s safe to call her that at this point.

But what I’m thinking is, would she want to call him her boyfriend.   I always thought it was interesting, that she’d say she has dinner plans, she’s busy.  Who are all these people she’s going out with?

I had the same question. Did she just say she had dinner plans to be coy? Or is she a Don?

Okay stop reading my drivel and go read what she had to say about it.

Oh, and look at this photo from next week’s episode.

I'm feeling intense love for Pete's robe.

Pete continues to wear blue amazingness, and I continue to endorse his wardrobe. (And his chest hair is more palatable than Don’s… what I can see of it.) (Not that I want to eat anybody’s chest hair.) (Sorry, boyz.)



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