GLEE Returns Tonight

My thoughts exactly.

Yes– “Glee” is back tonight, and it doesn’t feel like “Glee” ever left. Because “Glee” is everywhere. I can’t walk down a street without being molested by the “Glee” ads on bus stops. (It’s my fault, though– who walks in LA?)

You may recall that I am on the fence about whether or not I am a “Glee” fan, but I’ve heard that this season is going to be nuts/amazing/etc, and I know my family/friends/etc are going to be watching, so I gotta keep up.

But really I’m posting this as an excuse to show you a little “Glee” ad that I encountered in a candy store. It made me go, “REALLY?”

Yes- I learned how to add an arrow.

Does giant-franchise show “Glee,” which had a national tour and sold a billion soundtracks, really need Glee Gum’s help? Is this going to be the deciding factor for some wavering television viewer?

If anything, the show is helping the gum.


Watch it tonight to find out who that scarier-than-Sue-Sylvester lady-coach is, and which team she coaches. (Field hockey? Boys’ wrestling?)



4 thoughts on “GLEE Returns Tonight

  1. Funny you showed Glee gum, because the OC Register called this upcoming Glee season “glum”. I guess there’s some Glee glumness awaiting us. Maybe tonight?

  2. I can’t wait for these two ladies lay the ” Smack Down ” on each other and yes it’s like ” W.W.E. Prowrestling ” type but even better though . So watch out for your back Sue Sylvester, you don’t want to get yourself hurt by this woman who is out a doubt a 16 time world arm wrestler and best of all weight lifter in real life come on now . Seriously though can you imagine putting Dot Jones to be really scary but however she also got a heart of a lion as well . I say good luck and God bless u Dot and Charice on being some of my favorite guest stars for this show .

  3. But this isn’t for the show! Glee Gum is the last manufacturer left who uses chicle and they’ve been around since 1992. I’m more sick of the ads where people are throwing colored liquids in my face. I mean really, what high school serves icees? Because I’d like to enroll there.

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