Snack Trek: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

I'm gross.

You know how sometimes it’s Saturday night and you find yourself at a dive bar in The Valley with three Bostoners? (Two of whom are Harvard law students, on a spur-of-the-moment trip to CA? And one of whom now lives in The Valley, and was our guide?) (Yeah, we really showed those Harvard gals the So Cal night life.)

And then you’re like, hey, where can we get some yogurt around here?

You know.

So we went to Menchie’s (the Encino location… I think), which I mistook for some (apparently) famous vintage ice cream place I almost went to once. Nope. Menchie’s is basically Yogurtland, with a few cool twists.

I liked the Hebrew “chai” (pronounced “hi”) on the kosher ice creams.

How end-of-Yom-Kippur appropriate.

The little meter on the side of the cup confused me. So you’re a master if you fill it really high? Is that really all it takes? Maybe you’re just HUNGRY. (Or– like me– STUPID.)

Ugh. Too-much-yogurt PTSD.

I only took that much because I wanted to try a bunch of flavors. And then the flavors were all mixed together. Oops.

In the toppings department, Menchie’s was pretty amazing. They had all sorts of different types of treats, in different types of dispensers. There was MARSHMALLOW that came out of a pump, next to the chocolate syrup.


I’m not sure if these were REAL Thin Mints, but either way I’m impressed. (They had me at “Kit Kat.”)


I wonder where they get their Thin Mints, year round? Do they stock up on cases and cases? Do they have a dealer?

Or are they just buying generic Thin Mint knock-offs?

Anyway, yeah. We went to Menchie’s! Another Yogurtland-esque place, ticked off my yogurt bucket list. (Add this one: J.P. Licks, in Boston. How sexual does THAT sound?)

Two lingering question: Is Menchie’s supposed to sound so Jewish? And why is their mascot some creepy swirly face? Is the face cute, or creepy? (I don’t know!)

Ugh, this post is making me lactose intolerant. I gotta get out of here.



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