On Llamas, Converse, Kefir and Don Draper’s Chest Hair

This is my other life./If you're REALLY lucky you'll get this card.

I was going to blog more today, but I got sucked into the vortex that is Etsy.

I particularly love to buy letterpress cards. I’m a little bit obsessed with the artistry of letterpress. In fact– I wanted to take a letterpress workshop, but it conflicted with my improv class.

Man, I love to learn. (But only fun stuff.) (No math!)

I’m not sure whether these llamas are letterpress, but I can’t show you the letterpress cards I bought, because they are a surprise. Maybe I’ll give you a peek after the cards are dispatched.

You may be wondering, Why llamas? I’ll tell you why: Because my family owns alpacas. (No, seriously.) (Really.)

See? My life isn’t all cake-gorging and TV.

I also do improv.

I had my first improv show (level one graduation show!) on Sunday. My “crazy” Saturday night that ended at Menchie’s also included a trip to Off Broadway Shoes, where I finally bought a new pair of Converse. (My old pair was ruined in an unfortunate dance club… incident?) (Not really an incident. Just gunky floors.)

Now, for some reason I totally obsessed over whether I should wear my Tom’s shoes or my Converse for the show. Tom’s are a little more new-school hipster, and Converse are the tried and true old school of hipster-ness. (The place where I do improv is pretty hipster, and I happen to have hipster taste in shoes.)

Hipster is a ridiculous word if you type it too many times. (It might be a ridiculous word anyway.)

I was really worried that I didn’t have time to break in my Converse, so I wore them around while doing laundry/wearing pajamas.

This picture does not do justice to the grossness of those old Converse

I hadn’t worn my Converse since the dance club attacked them in… early August? I can’t believe I went that long without Converse. Talk about an identity crisis.

(One of the Harvard gals calls them Converses. Is that an East Coast vs. West Coast thing?)

I had done almost all of my improv classes in Tom’s, but I was worried that Tom’s didn’t have the WEIGHT I needed in my FEET. And I was worried that the Converse weren’t BROKEN IN. And I could… have sore feet? Trip?

I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to wear, but I literally changed my underwear (because people might catch a glimpse of it?), my pants and my shirt at least four times each before settling on what I’d always planned to wear. At the last minute, I switched from Tom’s to Converse. They pulled the whole outfit together.

According to Whit, the Converse were VERY bright white from the stage. Haha.

The show went well. (ARE YOU SURPRISED?!) (Jerk!) I said the last line before the final blackout in my group’s half of the show, which made me really happy because we try to end on a really funny line.

(However, we’re not actually trying to be funny. I think the line was, “I’m just going to get a new job.” It’s the context that’s funny.)

True story: When I was a kid in musical theater camp, a director once blacked out the show in the middle of one of my scenes because it was sucking (and then we had to go out and restart the scene… this mortification really happened), so earning a good blackout felt like redemption.

My peepz took me to El Cholo after. I’m going to do a separate post for the TWO pictures I took there. I’m still full.

On my way home, I went to the grocery store. Note to self/everyone: As bad as it is to grocery shop on an empty stomach, it might be WORSE to grocery shop on a really full stomach. Ughhh.

I saw some PROBIOTIC Lifeway Kefir in the grocery aisle, and decided to give it a whirl. Overall it seems less expensive (but also less POWERFUL) than the Whole Foods stuff. And more tasty. (I also got some other brand, but they didn’t have a humble-beginnings story on their label, so they don’t get a hyperlink.)

My apartment is the darkest dungeon ever. I held these under the ONE lamp in my room, to get enough light for a non-blurry picture. It’s very noir. And involves my bed. Sexy.

Kefir... after dark.

So maybe I’ll add a sip of kefir a day to my diet, and see if that changes anything. I still have one carton of the Canadian super drink of vommy-ness, in case I need it.

Oh, and “Mad Men” was insane and amazing last night. I don’t even know where to begin in analyzing it, but there was definitely a Peggy/Joan/Faye together-in-one-frame motif. (And the episode was called “Beautiful Girls.”) I laughed through the death stuff and cried when everybody watched helplessly as Sally went with Betty. That’s “Mad Men” for you!

During a Don/Faye scene, my roommate came in and asked, “Is he having an affair with her?” (She’s a few seasons behind.) I said, “No, Don’s single now. His wife left him and married somebody else.” It’s really weird, though, the idea of Don Draper legit dating people. It’s still hard to fathom. He was such a master of having affairs, and his dating life is so awkward.

How far the mighty have fallen. (Sorta.)

I loved the sweet post-sex scene between Don and Faye. (SHE’S THE SOFTEST!) But I have to say: I find Jon Hamm’s chest hair kind of off-putting. (SORRY!)

And then the whole Peggy/Abe thing. At first he was adorable, and then he was such a lunkhead about rights for women. Can he be redeemed? Or does Peggy actually have the hots for lesbian Joyce? And/or Secretary Megan?

Is Joyce right about men being soup?

And if so– Can I order a matzo ball soup man? The fluffy matzo balls? With circle cut carrots?

Okay, I’m going back to Etsy. Amuse yourselves. I’ll post the El Cholo pictures soon.

PS Do you care about this stuff? (And by “this stuff,” I mean… my life?) Would you rather I stick to food?



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