EL CHOLO in Two Pictures

Ate this over 24 hours ago. Still too full.

El Cholo is an awesome Mexican food restaurant in LA, beloved by USC students for its weekday student discount… and overall deliciousness. After a few trial-and-error visits, I now ALWAYS order the Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas. You can’t go wrong with those.

But you can get SO FULL. I am trying to get hungry for another Snack Trek tonight (there will probably be pictures), but I can’t get un-full from those enchiladas. I ate light snacks instead of lunch, and I’m still TOO FULL.

Since my parents were here, we went all out and got the guacamole. They make it for you table-side, with a MORTAR AND PESTLE.


One summer during college (I was in LA interning), I lost my phone at El Cholo (I think I was really out of it, because I also broke a drinking glass), and somehow the phone ended up in a nearby church. When I went to retrieve it, they were having gospel choir practice. JUST LIKE THE MOVIES.

Yeah, I have weird stories.

But yeah, if you are in LA and want some delicious authentic Mexican food (and margaritas… though we did no day-drinking yesterday), go to El Cholo. That’s some good advice from me to you. (For once, you can get something out of reading this blog.)

Just prepare to be very full.*

*I may have gotten weird-full because I’d only had a King’s Hawaiian sweet roll** and a Balance Bar leading up to this meal. (I get nervous before performances.) So maybe my stomach was not prepared.

**I forgot until JUST NOW that I still have two sweet rolls left. YES!



One thought on “EL CHOLO in Two Pictures

  1. Omigawd the best place ever. Great menu choice, my dish is the green corn tamales. They just opened another one by LA Live, and the website says they’re going to have brunch soon! Mexican brunch, you shall be mine. I would always order pitchers of margaritas; the best one is mango. It’s like they soak mangos in tequila for weeks and then blend them with ice. Actually not a bad idea maybe I’ll try it…

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