A Tale of Two Crepes (Crepe’n Around & The French Crepe Company)

They're ba-ack.

So today the Crepe’n Around truck returned to our offices, and I made good on my promise to try the Strawberries & Cream crepe. (Shouldn’t it be Strawberries’n Cream?)

The strawberries & cream crepe was good, but I still wanted more chocolate sauce. (Same as I did with the s’more crepe.) And maybe a little bit of crunch? Maybe that’s an unrealistic expectation, for a crepe.

The return of the Crepe’n Around truck also presented a chance for some photo redemption. Remember how I neglected to fully capture the paper pocket fold?

I kinda poofed it for visibility purposes.

Hopefully that fulfills all of your paper pocket fantasies, you pervs.

Um, what else? Oh yeah, I reattempted the crepe-heart without doing the creepy down-the-middle open-guts slit.

Still a shitty picture.

Now it looks like there’s old cruddy clotted blood seeping out of the top of the heart. (Apparently chocolate syrup used to stand in for blood in black and white movies, so it all makes sense.) (Sorta.)

Major kudos the Crepe’n Around people and/or NATURE for putting these very beautiful heart-shaped strawberries in the crepe. They put my shitty heart to shame! (And I mean my shitty crepe heart cutting skills, but also my shitty heart as in, I am a jerk.) (Or… “a fickle lover”? That’s nice and pulpy.)

They're making love to the camera.

Okay, so those are my pictures from Crepe’n Around, and I ALSO have pictures from The French Crepe Company. This past weekend Cole and I ate at the location in the Farmer’s Market at The Grove. You sit at a little counter and watch them make the crepes. You even see them make the wrapper thingies on this big circular griddle. It’s cool.

We had savory dinner crepes. Mine was Beef Stroganoff, and Cole’s had chicken, veggies, and dijon sauce. I think it was called the Normandie.

Here’s mine:

Et voila!

Nice colors. I also like the little French Crepe logo guy. He reminds me of the Pringles man. With a beret.

The Pringles man looks pretty French to begin with.

And here’s what the crepe looked like on the inside…

Do you have it? Guts!

I thought it was delicious– my mouth is watering as I recall my meal, which is always a good sign. Traditionally beef stroganoff is served over noodles, but I was glad they left out the noodles because the crepe wrapper provided the carby noodle-ness. (I think I liked this wrapper better than the Crepe’n Around one… I saw them make it!) (And I like the warmness of savory crepes… mmm. Like a hug for your mouth.)

Did you see what we did there? We ate dessert first. Because life is short. (Actually we ate it several days later, but let’s keep that between you and me.)

Back to work! Happy crepe’n.



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