My Mom Recaps MAD MEN Episode 408 in One Paragraph

Dear Diary...

I really don’t have much to say about this week’s “Mad Men.” I didn’t watch it with the “I’m going to recap this” mentality. I will tell you that a friend of mine goes to a gym where the guy who plays Henry Francis is a trainer, so I’m not surprised that he’s ripped.

Also, now I watch two shows where sexy guys keep broody diaries. (The other one being “The Vampire Diaries.” Duh.)

But my no-recap-post plans were dashed when my mom sent me an email with this postscript. This made me laugh because it’s like… one of those machines that turns a car into a square of metal. So packed! (Also, re: many things in this paragraph: [sic])

spoiler-don’t read this yet if you didn’t watch mad men…
Speaking of that, I had the close-captioning on for Mad Men last night bc Don sometimes mumbles, as does Betty. it was interesting to hear Don talking in his head when he was writing in his journal and also reading it from the tv at the same time. Really interesting episode. Swimming “therapy”. So much happened with Don/betty/henry/don’s blond babes/joan/peggy/obnoxious jerk peggy fired/joan’s reaction/don with baby gene/henry hitting don’s storage boxes-wtf?  etc etc.


If I am the queen of the long recap, my mother is the dame of the small bites recap. I guess I didn’t inherit the brevity gene. But I did inherit the liberal use of slashes (as in /, not serial killing) gene.

Moms write the darndest recaps.

Also, RIP Paul Kinsey and Salvatore Romano. You’re not really dead in the show or in real life (as far as I know), but I miss you guys! Hugs.

Etc etc!



One thought on “My Mom Recaps MAD MEN Episode 408 in One Paragraph

  1. i was already laughing pretty hard reading your posting of my cryptic recap, when your father (at the other computer) started reading the news aloud with his happy-go-lucky voice/demeanor: “Aging Gas Pipes at Risk of Exploding Nationwide!”.
    funniest combination of crazyness ever. who could ask for a better gene pool?

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