It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… PUMPKIN SEASON!

Stopped me in my tracks.

This really is my favorite time of year. The mild weather, the sort of subdued sunlight, the approaching holidays (especially Thanksgiving!). And seriously, the presence of all sorts of pumpkin wonderfulness is a big factor. I mean, pumpkins ARE October. (Okay, it’s not October yet. But close enough.)

I think pumpkin season arrived early this year (or did it?) in part because a lot of people seem to be on TEAM PUMPKIN with me. And the food-sellers KNOW THIS. They are smart cookies. (They are also smart enough to know to take pumpkin away for most of the year, so that when it returns we will go CRAZY for it.)

Two weekends ago (ugh, I know, I’m behind in life) I was strolling along the main drag of Belmont Shore (in Long Beach… it’s delightful), when the above-pictured Yogurtland poster lifted me up to cloud nine. I LOVE this time of year!

Completely coincidentally, my ice cream ended up being heart-shaped. Seriously, I did not plan this one.

It loves me... it loves me not.

The top flavor is actually Vanilla Wafer (how cool is that?). The pumpkin pie flavor is under it, but they’re basically the same color. My dad’s explanation, in brief: “Chemicals.”

Since that weekend, I have been somewhat lactose sensitive. My mom’s explanation, in full: “Because you’re Jewish.”

Thanks, Mom.

So I went for a SOY Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino at the local Starbucks this past (and more recent) weekend. (Gotta say, I am sooo happy about this choose-your-milk thing with the Fraps. It changed my life.)

Misspelling my name is always in season.

There are actually not enough Starbucks locations in my immediate vicinity. Which is only a problem when pumpkin spice is on the menu.

On the soy front for a moment– I heard recently that it’s actually BAD for women to eat a lot of soy products, because of the estrogen? Is that the complete opposite of what I’ve always heard? When did it flip-flop? Why is health info so 1984 (as in Orwell, not fashion trends)?

Pumpkin season means that the world is full of tempting treats… such as these cookies at Ralphs, which I did not buy. But they look so fluffy and amazing. Like pillows! Or clouds! Somebody please invite me to a party where these will be served, so I can eat just one. In theory.

Cloud Nine.

I also have a few leads on pumpkin French macarons. You better believe that those will be blogged, if I get my hands on them.

Pumpkins and spice!



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