Is she Katherine or Elena? Double the pleasure...

Appropriately enough, the Season 2 premiere is called “The Return.” It’s on tonight at 8pm, on the CW.

I am very excited to watch it.

Coincidentally (or not?), “True Blood” has its finale on Sunday. Vampire shows don’t like to overlap, I guess. They’re lone wolves.

What does one snack on while watching a vampire show?

Be Positive!

I’m not actually going to eat this, because it’s probably just sicky sweet sugar mess. And because I like having it on my bulletin board at work.

So far nobody’s noticed it. Or maybe they’re not mentioning it, because who talks to the girl with a bloody bag pinned to her bulletin board?

But if I were a REAL vampire, I would totally like B positive best. Because it’s such an uplifting affirmation.

Anyway, “The Vampire Diaries!” YES. WELCOME BACK.

Blood and kisses!



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