The Daily Sandwich: Chicken Banh Mi (Mandoline Grill)

Decisions, decisions.

Sometimes life throws a wrench into our Very Special plans. Today was supposed to be a Dim Sum Truck day, but it turned out that they weren’t coming. In an ironic twist of fate, Twitter tells me that the Dim Sum Truck was at USC… which is where I would have been at lunchtime, if I had gone to Rosh Hashanah services at Hillel. Very funny, God (or Murphy?)! I get it. Haha.

But I’m not the worst Jew possible, because I went to USC for services last night. And guess what? NO HONEY/SPICE BREAD/CAKE. Stop the presses! So sad.

Anyway, God was only teasin’, not hatin’, because we still had a delicious truck at our disposal: the Mandoline Grill truck. Vietnamese food! YES.

I debated for a while between the banh mi and the bun… and I worried about how my stomach might react to either of them, because it has been a bit weak for these past few days. I just ended up being in a sandwich mood today, so the battle of the bun will continue next time Mandoline stops by.

I was impressed by the quality of the bread… doesn’t it look crusty-licious? And sorta like a pretzel?

Here's lookin' at you, bread.

The meat was so dark that I wondered whether I was accidentally eating pork on a Jewish holiday, but cube-mate Bryan got the same sandwich and reassured me that the color was from the marinade. (The website calls this “Hawaiian BBQ chicken.”) You can see a bit of mayo in this pic– for posterity’s sake, I got light mayo and no jalapenos. (Didn’t want to anger the stomach gods.) (I mean– just you, one Jewish God!) (Please inscribe me in the Book of Life? K thanks bye!)

Whole lotta stuff.

Bryan and I were very impressed by the whopping amount of veggies (once again, our old friend daikon!). In fact, we decided that this banh mi just MIGHT be better than the Phamish one… more veggie-ness, and a more… complex flavor profile? (That was Bryan’s quote, via “Top Chef.”) (Sorry Phamish– but you’re still the bun champ…) (For now.)

One caution: It was salty. Not in a bad way, but keep a lot of water handy.

Here’s a picture of the logo. That woman facing away from camera wasn’t going anywhere, so I was like… the kid stays in the picture. Whatever.


You can see some sort of coffee drink on the counter. Apparently it involves chicory, because the guy in front of me in line was talking about how he always prefers coffee with chicory, but that he doesn’t actually know what it is or what it looks like. I tried to Wikipedia it, but a bunch of different herbs are called chicory and now I’m confused too!

Later today, if all goes according to plan, I’m going to post something apple-icious in honor of Rosh Hashanah. (Dear God: Don’t say I never did anything for The People!)

I’m probably going to Hell for this… oh wait, we don’t have one! Bwahahaha. (But karma may nab me.) (I don’t think that’s a Jewish thing, but I believe in it!) (K thanks bye!)

Daikon and chicory!


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