The Friendliest LEMON CUPCAKE Around…

Can you see his big goofy grin?

The bread soup smiled, the cupcake smiled– the food at Tender Greens is alive! Either that, or I’m getting a little anthropomorphism-happy here. (Probably that.)

So what do you do to very friendly food? You hack away at it with a knife! Of course.

Owww. Nice cupcakes finish DEAD.

This reminds me of some Wee Sing style video I used to watch when I was a kid, where they met The Muffin Man and he quartered his muffin (as in the food, not the Lady Gaga whatever-she’s-talking-about muffin) so that everybody could share.

These photos are also making me think, “One potato, two potato, three potato, four.”

Is he making a kinda resigned Charlie Brown face here? (With his one remaining eye squinched tight?)

I feel so incomplete.

But honestly, I didn’t see any of this face stuff until I uploaded the pictures. Let’s talk about what the cupcake tasted like: The frosting was very sweet, but I always go light on the frosting. Just enough to add a little bit of flavor/moisture. The cake was a bit drier than I’m used to, but not necessarily in a bad way. Maybe in a… European way?

As I said, I thought it was buttery, Bea thought it was sugary… it was probably a little bit of both. Now that I think about it, though, maybe it wasn’t that buttery. I was forgetting what buttery tastes like. (It happens.)

Oh, here’s a picture attempting to show you the strange curvy design of the Tender Greens silverware. And I think that piece of cupcake went uneaten. Yay for even the smallest bit of willpower.


Speaking of desserts/willpower/buttery-ness, the Crepe ‘N Around truck is outside. I’m debating whether to get a savory crepe, a sweet crepe, both, or nothing at all. Last time they were here I didn’t try anything. I’m not THAT hungry, but it’s apparently delicious. And they have a s’more crepe.




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