S’more Search: S’MORE CREPE (Crepe’n Around Truck)

Step on up!

Since I announced the Quest for the Best S’more in LA, I haven’t had any s’mores. That happened with my curly fry quest, too… and my guacamole quest. The moment I announce a quest, it dies out.

Today I finally took a step in the right questing direction by ordering a s’more crepe ($5) from Crepe’n Around. It’s not technically a real s’more, but it’s surprisingly hard to find s’mores in their classical form around here. Oh, LA.

I was totally intending to go whole-hog and order a savory crepe AND a dessert crepe, but luckily fate intervened and the savory crepe I planned on ordering (teriyaki flank steak) wasn’t on today’s menu. (And chicken pesto had mayo. Not in the mood to deal with that.) (And by “that” I mean, the guilt of eating mayo.)

The majority of savory orders were for the maple braised pork crepe, which the Yelpers raved about. But I didn’t feel like violating my lifelong dietary/religious whatevers today. (Yeah, I did it when the Dim Sum Truck was here, but that was just one bite of maybe-pork.)

I had the option of getting whipped cream IN the crepe, or on the side. Luckily I opted for on-the-side and got my whipped cream in a little plastic container, because it ended up being like heavy duty REAL whipped cream, which my fat free Cool Whip self can’t handle. It tasted sour to me. But like I said… I’m a rube.

First look.

You can see that they didn’t use marshmallow fluff… those are real, full-sized marshmallows. They were a little warm, but by no means melted. Interesting choice.

I thought it was funny/cool that the crepe looked like a pizza from the following angle. I also like the way it was wrapped. There was a cool little pocket thing going on. You can’t really see it in the picture, but trust me. (Or not.)

What ARE you? (Famous girlfriend-of-vampire question.)

My mom worked in Burger King when she was in high school. When I was a kid, my sisters and I thought that was the COOLEST JOB EVER, as in, why would you ever quit? If we asked really nicely, Mom would wrap our sandwiches in wax paper with the Burger King technique. I think that wrapper also had some paper-pocket action going on. This reminded me of that.

I tried to make a heart out of my crepe, but seeing as how I had already cut it down the center, it ended up looking creepy. I figured I’d show you, anyway. Cautionary tale.

Broken heart. (...Frankenstein?)

Maybe this goes back to my inappropriate antropomorphization of food, but I feel gross about some of these pictures. Like I literally cut open a naked body and took pictures of it, mad scientist/pornographer style.

I think something might be wrong with me.

But you knew that. Moving on.


Although this picture would suggest that I ate my crepe like a savage, I actually cut dainty little forkfuls. I ate 2/3 or 3/4 of the crepe, then forced the rest upon co-worker Bryan. He’s a foodie, so I was glad to get the crepe out of my mouth’s path, and also to get his opinion. (He seemed to like the whipped cream, which is how I know that my problems with it were me-problems.)

We agreed upon the following points: 1) The marshmallows were a bit overwhelming. 2) There was a lack of the crunch factor that we’re used to in a s’more, since the graham cracker was in dust form.

I found the chocolate sauce-to-marshmallow ratio to be a bit off. Like, in each bite I wanted less marshmallow and more chocolate.

BUT overall it was still quite tasty, and the crepe wrapper itself was delightful. If this truck returns, I think I’ll go for a strawberry crepe. That sounded good today, too, but I s’mored it up FOR THE SAKE OF THE BLOG.

Don’t say I never did nothing for the peoples.

Marshmallows and chocolate sauce!



2 thoughts on “S’more Search: S’MORE CREPE (Crepe’n Around Truck)

  1. Got a really good laugh from “But you knew that. Moving on.” Classic.
    Sorry, but there’s no substitute for the original Girl Scout s’more. Mushy, well-cooked marshmallow(hopefully not cooked on an Oleander branch) melted Hershey’s bar, and a crunchy Graham cracker.(his cracker completes the s’more trilogy, we’ll forgive Graham for being a wacko). In my humble opinion, s’mores need to be basic and Girl Scouty. You can’t improve perfection.

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